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Recurring Dreams - Why Are They Happening?

Written by Dayna Winters

Recurring dreams are dreams that one experiences several times and can occur on and off for a period of days, weeks, or years. Repetitive nighttime visions differ very little each time they occur and the symbols, themes, and feelings that the dreams elicit tend to be the same every time the dreamer has another similar dream. Some dreams are intensely pleasant in nature while others can be rather upsetting and disturbing to the dreamer. Often times, it is the more upsetting and disturbing nighttime visions that are the most memorable for the individual.

Even though repeat dreams seem amazingly similar to the individual, no two dreams are precisely alike. There are a number of factors that will help in determining the variations between recurring dreams. First, a dreamer's ability to recall the dream plays an important role in being able to compare repetitive nighttime visions. Second, the individual's willingness to document dreams is also an important factor in discovering the meaning and variations between similar dreams. When an individual begins to document his or her dream experiences he or she will be able to further reflect on the symbols within the nighttime visions for a better overall understanding.

One should certainly question the time frame that recurring dreams began. If the dreams began occurring shortly after a traumatic event, the dreams may very well be related to the traumatic event in question. There are also perfectly mundane explanations for such nighttime visions in some cases. An illness might bring on repetitious dreams and after the illness is addressed the dreams disappear. Life stressors can also bring about theme-related nighttime visions: once the stressors are resolved, again the dreams cease. The latter scenarios need to be considered when seeking the reason for repetitious dreaming.

One of the cited reasons behind recurring dreams is the idea that the dreamer has an issue which requires some sort of resolution or remedy. Theme-related dreams will continue to happen again and again until the dreamer finally gets the gist of what the subconscious mind is attempting to convey through the secret language of nighttime visions. In many cases, when the dreamer implements a solution to the problem that plagues him or her, the theme-related dreams will diminish or cease.

Repetitious dreams can be equated to the frequent use of various symbols in literature. For example, when an author creates a story and includes a number of symbols again and again, these symbols often contain a common theme. Through symbols the author is conveying a message which is meant to enrich the reader's experience. As it is with literature, so it is with recurring dreams; the repetitious introduction of symbols is meant to enrich the understanding of the dreamer. Repeated messages also serve as an alarm for the individual: a cue that it is time to pay attention.

Simply choosing to forget about repeat dreams will not usually make the dreams cease. If the dreamer finds the repetitious dreams somewhat disturbing, he or she owes it to him or herself to determine why such dreams are occurring. Often times, after discovering the meaning of repetitive dreams, the dreams will diminish in occurrence or stop all together; this is the dreamer's subconscious acknowledging that the important message has been received.

Many individuals have experiences with theme-related dreams and it is more than worth it to have the dreams evaluated so that their meaning can be explicated and discovered. Some theories suggest that recurring nighttime visions may be a side effect which accompanies a psychological disorder like post traumatic stress disorder, and in such instances it is always wise to seek out the counsel of a qualified professional. In other instances, the repeating nighttime visions may merely be attempting to convey a single, important message to the dreamer.

Dayna Winters is a professional editor, writer, dream consultant/interpreter, and the creator of DreamMaster.
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TV Ghost hunting shows VS Reality

Written by Leslie Valentin

It’s been just over a decade since reality television hit the air waves and captivated audiences of all ages.  Regardless of the subject, it seems if you can do it, then it is bankable.  The catch to this type of media entertainment is the “anyone can do it” approach.  Whether it is repossessing cars or chasing ghosts. The aura of “real” people instead of “actors” stimulates the imagination of all ages in the sense of “I want to do that when I grow up!”

Ghost hunting shows began airing in the mid 2000’s, and presented different angles for each show.  Two of the bigger shows airing are Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters, have caused an almost “cult” like following.  However, like many other shows of different genre, the “real” people started adding in people from the entertainment industry rather than bringing in everyday “Joes” who have lived their lives with the paranormal. In addition, some episodes became laughable at the least when other “celebs” were brought into the mix on Ghost Hunters to ghost hunt such as:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta – 2010 Episode

CM Punk – 2006 – Halloween Special

The Miz – 2008 Halloween Special

Ghost Adventures, premiered on the SyFy channel as a documentary film in 2007 and now airs on the Travel Channel with Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin. The show gives the “Come get me and scare me” approach by standing off with spirits for reactive results.

Ghost Hunters, of the SyFy channel stars Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.  Originally the duos were Plumbers by day and Ghost Hunters by night.  Now, due to demand, their primary focus is the ghost hunting while they keep an honorary status with Roto-Rooter.  The show first aired in 2004.  The show takes an investigative approach with other members of the TAPS team working with different equipment to rule out a physical cause vs. a paranormal cause.  Spin off series are:  Ghost Hunters International, UFO Hunters and Ghost Hunters Academy.

Ghost Hunters International premiered in 2008 but the locations are not set in one country like Ghost Hunters. Jetting around the world to different alleged haunted places, the crew investigates using the same approach as with Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, use different pieces of equipment to investigate paranormal activity.

Some of the investigators from the different shows over time are or have been:

Robb Demarest of GHI – from Albany, New York, is an ESL Teacher, and has been interested in the paranormal since early childhood.

Barry Fitzgerald of GHI – from Dublin, Ireland, is Photographer & Author

Andy Andrews – from Rhode Island, is an Autism Teacher & founder of R.I. Paranormal

Shannon Sylvia of GHI – from Massachusetts, is a self employed Graphic Designer & is thought to be a witness as a child who was haunted in her home which is the location of King Phillips War.

Donna LaCroix formerly of GH –from Rhode Island, is a Project Manager and Marketing specialist who has devoted most of her life to the paranormal.

Dustin Pari of GHI – from Providence, Rhode Island, has been interested in the paranormal since childhood, and has been doing paranormal investigations since he was a teen with his friends at area “hot spots”.

Joe Chin of GHI – from Providence, Rhode Island, worked with the family business and grew up in a building with alleged paranormal activity.

Amy Bruni of GH – from California, grew up in a haunted house which the family accepted. She has been interested since childhood in the paranormal and is a radio producer.

Kris Williams of GH – from Lowell, Massachusetts, is a model and actress.

The hype of these shows has caused reactions both good and bad.  More and more, people want to “experience” the unknown, and it seems that a new paranormal investigation group is created on a fairly regular basis.  It seems that if you want to get “famous” you need to be a paranormal investigator.
A down side to this paranormal rave is that cemeteries are being desecrated, properties are being trespassed upon, and laws are being broken.  People are spending countless dollars on places who will “certify” them as official ghost hunters or investigators as well as money on “official” ghost hunting gear.

For folks who have lived their lives with the paranormal either as residents in places which have more than just living occupants, or as Mediums, Empaths, Sensitives, Psychics, Parapsychologists or in other fields dealing with ghosts, it makes life a little more interesting.  This is due to the enthusiasts and fame seekers who are claiming abilities or experience in the field but lack the actual understanding of what it is to have contact with the paranormal.  Unsuspecting folks call upon these people for help and quite often are left with a bitter taste in their mouth for the way a particular situation was handled.  Then there are those who claim they can “vanquish” ghosts and demons.  Again, negative reports are made and those who truly do have experience and tack are left holding broken pieces and the skeptics cackle even more.

The field of paranormal research and study is vastly wide and one must understand that despite having experience in a field, does not mean that one has all the answers to why something is happening.    Also, because one is an Empath or a Psychic or is a Medium does not mean that each person has the same development of skills.  It is important to understand that people are born with the ability to communicate and interact with the spirit world, but due to society’s teachings, many lose that ability by going with the passing of time due to the norms that society teaches.

It is a sad state of affairs when teens tell me that they want to be just like Zak Bagans and confront those ghosts.  Why anyone would pick a fight with someone living or dead is just plain stupid, not to mention lacking some serious common sense.  It is a reckless act of behavior being taught to kids by the media industry for allowing that type of behavior to be displayed. Another problem that is growing is when folks asking for help with paranormal activity actually have some form of mental illness. The groups that claim they can disband spirits and stop these manifestations are a detriment to these persons who actually need medical help and not ghost hunter help.  This is simply because they do not take the time to do a thorough interview first.

People need to realize and understand that what they see on reality television is strictly for entertainment value only and nothing more.  Folks who truly offer their services for paranormal related issues do not get rich or make oodles of money because there is a spook about a house.  Instead, most of these folks are “unknowns” because they keep their services reputable and their clients private.  The folks who are making the money are the actual shows themselves by roping in countless amounts of viewers tuning in for yet another episode of ghost hunting.   The stars of the show are being paid not by those they are providing a service to, but by the producers of the show who are making them stars.

So to wrap this all up, a very much needed public service announcement would be to tell your children not to try this at home. If you are truly interested in the paranormal, learn as much as you can about it.  Take time to get to know a group of people who do investigations.  But in the end remember this:  What you see on television….is Hollywood!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Haunted Dolls

Written by Jenna Cears

Famous paranormal investigator Zak Bagans gets creeped out by them, and he is not easy to scare! So why do so many people find dolls creepy and scary? Some believe they are haunted and some spirits are attached to them, and others say dark beings channel energy through the dolls.
Stories of haunted dolls circle the globe everyday. Some are innocent and just claim to be “ghost children” trying to reach out. Unfortunately there have been claims of dolls being possessed or having an angry vengeful spirit attached to them.
An example of one of these “doll hauntings” is that of Robert Eugene (Gene) from the Florida Keys. As a little boy Gene became attached to his doll which was said to be versed in the ways of voodoo. One of the Otto’s family servants gave young Gene the doll. The doll was said to be at least three feet tall, and was stuffed with straw. The servant gave the doll life like features, which at first were very appealing to the boy. Gene decided to name the mysterious doll Robert. The doll became a constant companion to the little boy and would rarely leave his side. Otto’s family often heard Gene upstairs talking to the doll. Well then what’s bad about that? The child is simply using his imagination like any other young boy would. What disturbed and bewildered the Otto's was hearing their son answering himself in a completely different voice than his own. Strange things went on in the household and neighbors claimed to see the doll, Robert move from window to window on its own. Gene also started blaming the Robert for his frequent nightmares and screaming in the night.

            Finally, Robert was stored away in the attic for many years. When Gene’s father died, he moved in his old childhood home with his family. It wasn’t long before Gene rediscovered his childhood doll in the attic. Soon after Gene discovered Robert in the attic things began to change. Gene began doing evil deeds around the town and wasn’t acting himself. Could this have something to do with his discovering and reconnecting with his old childhood friend? Finally Gene himself had enough of Robert's behavior, and located him back in the attic. Guests to the Otto's residence would frequently comment on hearing something walking back and forth in the attic, along with strange giggling sounds. When Gene died his wife sold the home immediately and left the daunting Robert in the attic. A new family moved into the home, and the stories of Robert died down for a while.

Robert waited unwearyingly up in the attic to be discovered once again. The Ten year old daughter of the new owners was swift to unearth Robert in the attic, and added him to her other toy's. It wasn’t long before Robert unleashed his disapproval on the child. The young girl began screaming out in the night, claiming that the Robert moved around in the room, and would climb on her bed and assault her as she tried to slumber. Even after more than thirty years later, she persistently claims that “the doll was alive and wanted to kill her." Robert, still dressed in his pasty sailor suit and clutching his puffy lion lives happily, though well guarded in Key West at the Martello Museum. Workers at the museum continue to give claims of Robert being up to his old tricks still to this very day.

Roberts’s story may scare you, but the accounts of evil spirits attaching to dolls and tormenting children are somewhat rare. More of the “doll hauntings” are relevant to ghost children trying to “play” with other children using these dolls to channel their energy to communicate. Most children don’t mind these playful spirits taking part in their activities at home. But, most parents become worried.
Parents, if you child claims there is another little girl or boy and they are “living inside” one of their dolls or toys don’t be afraid. Unless your child seems frightened or upset by the spirit activity, it is most likely a harmless ghost child looking for a friend. If you are experiencing a haunting of a doll somewhat like Robert’s story the best thing to do is either get a paranormal investigation team to sweep the house or get rid of the doll altogether.

Dolls, we all had them, as a child or maybe you’re a collector. Some are cute, but to others they just give you the heebie-jeebies as some might say. Think of it as another friend or child just trying to reach out and play. If that doesn’t help, most people just stay away from dolls at all costs. That seems to be working for them! Doll hauntings or frequent, the innocent ones more than the evil ones but all in all they seem to be gradually making their way into the spotlight of the paranormal world. I don’t think this will be the last time we hear of a doll wanting to come out and play. Watch out Zak! J

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How to Tell If Your House is Haunted – 2 SURE Fire Signs You’ve Got a Ghost (Shocking But True!)

By Danny Fredricks

Is your house haunted? Do you have a series of strange and unexplainable stuff CONSTANTLY happening? Have you had some experiences so WEIRD, scary or bizarre, that your hope of finding an ordinary reason or explanation is fading fast? The simple truth is that you may have a spiritual or ethereal entity in your home or apartment, and if you are NOT alone! (no pun intended..:-)
The simple truth is that nearly 1 in 3 people privately admit to having had a "ghostly" experience first hand, and unless you are a hardcore skeptic or simply completely afraid of the unexplained, having a ghost can be an informative, educational or even enlightening experience as well.
Filed Under: Ghostly Signs, Signals and Things That Go Bump in the Night
1 - Electronic Disturbances
Want to know the first sign I had that MY house had something strange happening? When a TV turned on in front of me....all by itself, in a house that had been empty for close to a year. (and was decidedly OFF when I walked in the room) Of course this alone is the sign of NOTHING in of itself. But when you combine it with the stories of other people who LEFT the house do to weird stuff going on, it certainly was a SIGN they weren't making it up!
2 - Wild Temperatures, Strange Sensations and an Odd Feeling in Your Gut.
This is hard to explain, and you simply have to "be there" to understand. But wild vacillations in the room temperatures for seemingly NO reason, odd touches in inappropriate places when no one is around, and all sorts of strange sensations that sort of tell you something very WRONG is going on, are a good sign you've got guests of the invisible kind..:-)
Here is the thing......
The ONLY way you're ever going to believe in ghosts, is if you open your mind up to the magic, the mystery and mystical experience of actually being there when they're around. I went from a die hard skeptic to a hard core believer on ONE fact, and one fact alone: Personal UNEXPLAINABLE (and quite amazing) experience, plain and simple!
Want to see a REAL Ghost Video right now
Click Here for the most SHOCKING ghost video that the skeptics CAN'T explain away! (Exciting....but True!)
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The Legend of Bigfoot - The Sasquatch

By Bruce Swedal

Wandering through the wilderness of the Northern Pacific in the United States or western Canada many claim to have seen a large hair covered wild man in the woods. Descriptions of this beast range from 7 to 8 feet tall and in some cases there are reports up to 10 or 12 feet. Long shaggy hair covers their body and those who have encountered these animals they smell them long before they see them. Imagine the smell of old Uncle Rufus after a bender times ten.
In the United States this creature is more commonly referred to as Bigfoot, while the neighbors to the north prefer to call them Sasquatch. Why Bigfoot? Well imagine the size those sleds would need to be to support someone 8 feet tall. Personally I think choosing the feet, when coming up with a name, was much wiser than any of the other body parts.
Those highly regarded in the scientific field in most cases laugh off Bigfoot as either a mythological creature or an interesting legend without a second thought on the subject. They will refer to videos, footprints and stories that are hundreds of years old as hoaxes carried out by bored mountain men and women. After all how else can they entertain themselves with no television up in 'dem hills? Hair samples are examined and either quickly identified or labeled as from an unknown species, either having little meaning. Oh, those bellowing sounds in the night? Surely someone out in the woods who happened to drop one of the fire logs on their foot. Hey you would bellow too.
Reputable people have brae ridicule to report sightings every year going back to when the Europeans first arrived here exploring the New World. The Native Americans feared giant, hairy, man-like creature running about in the woods nude. How can we blame them? You and I would be frightened by a big, hairy, naked creature running through our back yard.
The serious part of the debate centers on the body. Why hasn't anyone ever found the body or a fossil record? Shouldn't there have been some Bigfoot road kill by now? It's not like you wouldn't notice hitting an 8 foot tall beast in the middle of the road. Advocates cite rarely finding the remains of other large animals out in the woods they get broken down pretty quickly out in the forest. Who knows, maybe Bigfoot buries their brothers and sisters just like humans do today.
Bigfoot advocates also suggest that we already have fossil records of the big guy. Most will point to the records of Gigantopithecus and say this creature found its way over to North America from the Asian continent just like other animals throughout history did. Science just does not want to go frontier living out in the boonies in order to conduct the studies needed to actually find one of these creatures in the shrinking, hard to access habitat they live in.
In you are one of the Bigfoot advocates all you need to do is book your next trip to the great outdoors and find the proof needed to convince the skeptics.
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Horrific Stories of The Infamous Ouija Board

By DeWayne Strickland

Thanks to Parker Brothers(game company), many young people have dabbled in the paranormal
and have experienced frightening results. Remember being a teenager and the mention of the
Ouija board provoked your curiosity. There is not much talk about the Ouija board today, but
I will never forget the stories of sheer terror, my friends shared with me as a result of using the
infamous Ouija board. Stories I have kept to myself, until now are revealed in this creepy
dark article.
I was watching Unexplained Mysteries late one night and the narrator was talking about the
movie, "The Entity". The Entity(1981 horror movie) is a movie about paranormal phenomenon,
where alleged victim Carla Moran(fictional character) was attacked by a number of unseen forces.
The Unexplained Mysteries show delved into what took place in the home of this woman, who
claimed she was being attacked by mad crazed ghosts. Pictures were shown on the show where
spherical orbs were flying around the room and I noticed something in the pictures, that was not
discussed on the show!
Normally, Unexplained Mysteries does not miss a detail as crucial to a case, as this one! I am very
skeptical about these shows, but yet the pictures had some convincing photography. What caught
my eye and you could barely see the image in the bottom of the picture, was a Ouija board!
You actually see a part of the board in the photograph! How in the world could this slip the eyes
of the staff at Unexplained Mysteries! I've studied photographs of so-called paranormal phenomenon
and the ghostly pictures on the show, were the best I have seen yet.
The paranormal investigators were focused on the spherical orbs darting around the room, as the
woman held the deadly Ouija board on her lap. Fortunately, they did show a picture of the woman
with a deadly Ouija board, that proved she was not just laying around in bed and then being attacked
by angry ghosts. This woman was playing with fire and bringing paranormal investigators in to see
some out of this world ghostly activity.
I think it is hilarious for people to say there is violent paranormal activity in their house and overlook
the fact, they were reaching out to the dead through a Ouija board! Even in the movie "The Exorcist",
a young girl is using a Ouija board and her mother never attributes an entity attacking her daughter,
as a result of playing with the Ouija board. The response to such ghostly attacks is cute little innocent
Regan(Exorcist girl) was sensitive to the spirit realm.
The lady who was photographed with orbs flying around the room was looked at, as paranormally
sensitive to the unseen. What makes my head spin with green pea soup vomiting from my earthly
soul, is no one has brought up the possibilities of the Ouija board opening doors to such violent
ghostly chaos. In the above instances of violent insane paranormal activity, no one ever mentions
or associates the Ouija board as being apart of the horrific equation.
I will never forget my relative Lance sharing with me his experience with a Ouija board. He stated that he
got in touch with a spirit, who was in hell and he use to be an Egyptian king. Another friend said he tried
to get rid of his Ouija board and it kept showing up in his bed room. Late one night, he took the Ouija
board and built a roaring fire in his backyard. He was told the only way to be rid of the board, was to burn
it! He threw the Ouija board into the fire and he said blood-curdling screams came forth from the board, as it was burning. Keep in mind, I was told all of these stories in the mid-1980's when most of my
friends were using Ouija boards.
One girl was having a sleep over with a friend and they pulled out the Ouija board for some cheap thrills. The girls asked where this spirit was, they were conversing with and were stunned by the answer! The spirit told the girls it was in the front yard up in a tree with white hair and bright red eyes. The girls almost had a heart attack and they did not look out the window late at night to verify the spirit's statement. This story was well-known throughout my high school back then and I was friends with one of the girls who lived in the house, but never questioned her about this creepy night with the Ouija board. As far as I know, they never touched the ouija board again!
My friend Bryan told me the scariest Ouija board story of them all! Bryan was addicted to the Ouija board and he tried to stop using it by hiding it in his closet. He said a violent force was speaking to him and telling him to bring the board out of the closet. He said this voice tormented him everyday and would not leave him alone. Being threatened by the board he would not speak any further about the subject. I do not know how he got rid of it or how he is doing mentally today. I have heard nothing but creepy and horrific stories about the Ouija board, which makes me believe there may be some truth to these eerie Ouija board stories.
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What Are Supernatural Orbs? The Best Way to Catch a Spirit Orb

There is a 500 year old Native American story passed on through tradition that goes something like this: When Columbus set sail east from Spain upon reaching the North American shores neither he nor his men could actually see the shore. That is until 2am the morning they actually did go ashore.

A tribal shaman also visited the waters edge and was troubled by the constant ripples but could not see the Spaniard ship. Several days later he was finally able to see the ships and once he saw them the rest of the tribe could as well. Neuroscientist Candace Pert claims, "We only see what we believe is possible. We match patterns that already exist within ourselves through conditioning."
Have you ever visually witnessed an orb? This is a strange and perplexing phenomenon regularly seen firsthand, in photos, and on film by millions of people. A transparent solid disc of light energy is the best way to describe these multi-colored ball shaped appearances. The most commonly reported orb is white in color.
No one really knows what these things are although many parapsychologists believe they are energy from deceased entities or lingering spirits. Many people believe they represent proof of paranormal activity. Some witnesses simple wish to understand why they show up in their pictures of Grandpa Leland or why certain balls have different colors.
Most photographed orbs are probably not anything more than insects, dust or moisture reflected when the camera captured the image. It is pretty hard not to believe they are paranormal when you see a glowing, bright orb with your own eyes.
There are many theories as to what the color of an orb may represent. For example some people believe a red orb is negative and a white orb is positive energy. Others believe the color corresponds to the energy of the disembodied spirit as in orange or red indicates anger and a need to be healed or released. At the same time ghost hunters claim red is an energy of a loved one protecting those associated with the spirit.
We have no real evidence that a white orb is helpful or a red orb is harmful to anyone lucky enough to experience an encounter. There are those who suggest the color is no more than the spirit's energy condition at the time of passing on.
Another common theory is the colors are a reflection of something called "chromatic distortion" which has to do with how our eyes actually perceive the light wavelength. Basically, the shapes are seen as colors made up of some waves that are reflected and some that are absorbed.
From personal experience I think seeing orbs have to do with our conscious and subconscious mind. Subconsciously, we all see the orbs as the energy is all around us constantly swirling in every direction. A good example of this fact is many photographs show people looking towards the direction of an orb even though they did not consciously recall this until after seeing the image.
If you have never experienced an orb and wish to see or photograph one go to a place of high potential energy. Good sites to consider are old hotels, homes, hospitals or cemeteries. These can be a little creepy so a more pleasant location may be an old ballpark, church or city park.
You have to prepare your heart to be open and concentrate on feelings of love to increase your vibration. This will help you connect with the spirit world rather than focus on your desire and excitement to catch a view or photo of the orbs. Like Columbus and the shaman eventually you will see them or capture them on film.
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The Psychological Signs of Demonic Possession

Article written by: Dayna Winters and Patricia Gardner

The psychological signs of demonic possession should not be confused with mental illness and should, in fact, be separated from the common signs associated with mental illnesses. The demonologist will want to make every effort to determine whether the symptoms an individual is displaying might somehow be related to a mental illness before proceeding to spiritual means in an effort to clean the individual of a demonic spirit. It is important to note that all of the symptoms do not have to be present at once, and some symptoms may appear while others may not. Many symptoms are also accompanied by a number of physical manifestations, not discussed in depth in this terse explanation about psychological symptoms.
Demon possession documented in cases around the world are not centered on one particular religion. Demon possession documented by demonologists and exorcists from all around the globe present a number of similar psychological indications that something is greatly amiss. It should be noted that this article is not intended for the purposes of a psychological evaluation and analysis and that if an individual believes that he or she might be possessed, contacting an individual that specializes in psychology as well as in spiritual warfare is highly recommended. This article is however, generated in an effort to identify the commonly reported psychological signs of demonic possession in legitimate cases of demonic possession from around the world.
A Comprehensive List of Psychological Signs of Demonic Possession
A change in social behaviors: A person that is an extrovert or regularly social that suddenly turns into someone that becomes an introvert or loner. Someone that begins to isolate him or herself; in such instances minor and major depression, as well as issues with anxiety should be ruled out before this can be considered one of the psychological signs of demonic possession and/or the changes in one’s personality must be accompanied by other signs of potential possession.
Personality changes: Personality changes can happen over time and evolve slowly or they can be abrupt changes that come on suddenly. Personality changes can also range from mild to extreme. Personality disorders, mood disorders, and social anxiety issues should be ruled out before such changes can be considered psychological signs of demonic possession and/or the changes in one’s personality must be accompanied by other signs of potential possession. Abrupt and recent head injuries, strokes, and/or epileptic seizures should also be ruled out. Severe head injuries can result in dramatic personality changes, especially injuries affecting the prefrontal lobe, and brain trauma can produce the same result.
Preternatural Occurrences: In some instances of possession the possessed can the ability to perform supernatural acts. The acts are seemingly imposed in a psychic manner and can result in the movement of physical objects and levitations. Electrical appliances might also be affected and spontaneous fires may erupt.
Sleep Disturbances: Some possession cases have reported that the victim requires very little sleep or that he or she sleeps excessively for hours or even days. Sometimes the sleep disturbances involve violent or excessively gruesome nightmares, and/or night terrors. Once again, it is important to rule out personality disorders, mood disorders, and social anxiety issues s before such changes can be considered psychological signs of a demonic possession and/or the changes in one’s personality must be accompanied by other signs of potential possession.
Aggressive Rage and Violent Behavior: A victim of possession can sometimes become aggressive, physically and verbally abusive, and excessively violent. Issues with explosive rage, anger related issues, personality disorders, mood disorders, and social anxiety issues should be ruled out before such changes can be considered psychological signs of demonic possession and/or the changes in one’s personality must be accompanied by other signs of potential possession.
Polyglossia: Polyglossia is the intermingling and use of more than one language simultaneously and with incredible fluency (1). This is not to be confused with an individual that has prior knowledge and fluency in more than one language and that is accustomed to using such languages simultaneously and/or interchangeably.
Xenoglossia: Xenoglossia is the sudden and abrupt ability to speak in multiple languages (2). It is imperative that the demonologist look for signs that back up the fact that the suspected victim of demonic possession did not have prior knowledge of such languages or any kind of fluency in the languages exhibited before denoting the appearance of multiple language usage as an indication of possession. It should be noted that in some reported cases of mental illness, an individual can present the ability to suddenly speak in previously unlearned languages. Instances of savantism and genius should also be ruled out before xenoglossia is deemed a sign or symptom of demonic possession.
Polyglossic Vocals: The ability to speak in two or more separate and distinct voices at one time or simultaneously (3). The demonologist must take care to ensure that the suspected victim of possession does not have the prior ability to manipulate the second set of vestibular folds or false vocal cords which would give the individual the capability of creating undertones beneath higher vocals and as many as six different sounds at the same time.
Prognostication: The sudden, seemingly supernatural, or preternatural ability to foretell future events and to provide information about people, places, things, and events that the victim could have no possible way of knowing (4). Often times, the suspected victim never displays any prior precognition.
Retrocognition: The sudden, seemingly supernatural, or preternatural ability to know of past events that the suspected victim of possession could not possibly have knowledge of or know (5).
Profanities: The victim of possession may change his or her language usage and may increase the use of swear words, curses, and profanities. This can sometimes accompany mood disorders, personality changes, and other mental disturbances.
Sacred Aversions: The sudden and unexplained aversion to objects considered sacred in positive religions; ie, consecrated water, pentacles, holy water, crosses, etc. Also, the aversion to pleas and prays spoken in extreme faith to a divine being.
Glossolalia: The act of speaking in tongues (6) not associated with sacred religious practices or rites. The demonologist must inquire about the suspected possessed victim’s religious affiliation to determine if glossolalia is a common practice for the individual so that the sudden onset of the practice can be determined. This symptom is not to be confused with the Pentecostal practice of speaking in tongues; some instances of glossolalia will seem like meaningless syllabic utterances but may actually be instances of Polyglossia where the merging of more than one language is occurring at a time.
Amnesia: Amnesia and memory loss not the result of brain trauma, head injury (dissociative amnesia), or mental illness can also be indicative of possession. The amnesia can involve Lacunar amnesia (7) which is the act of forgetting a single episode or event, or the memory loss can be related to anterograde amnesia (8) which is the loss of short term memories due to their failure to assimilate into long term memory.
Confusion: The suspected possessed victim may display serious confusion and a lack of awareness as to what is happening. The possessed individual may possess no knowledge whatsoever that they are possessed. Thus, bringing a possessed victim’s behaviors and actions to his or her attention may confuse or frighten him or her. Confusion can also accompany aggressive actions and behavior.
Embarrassment/Shame/Guilt: The possessed individual might be embarrassed by his or her uncontrolled behaviors if he or she becomes aware of them.
Auditory Experiences: The demonically possessed victim may report unexplained auditory experiences where they hear voices seemingly coming from within or from the external environment from no identified source. Auditory experiences and hallucinations are sometimes reported in cases involving mental illness.
Olfactory Experiences: The demonically possessed victim may complain of smelling foul odors that there are no identified causes for; this symptom can sometimes be associated with mental illness.
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UFOs: Science Fiction or Reality?

by  Leslie Valentin

Unidentified flying objects otherwise known as U.F.O.’s have captured the world with wonder and curiosity for over two thousand years.  Stories of alien abductions, crash sites, and sightings have been reported over time while folks are left to sort in their minds whether the incidents are true or not.  What they are, who they are, and where they are from leaves the imagination to wander and speculate.  However, the biggest question perhaps is why do they come here?
The possibility of life somewhere other than here on Earth is mind blowing.  On a Biblical side, the Bible says that God created the Heavens and the Earth.  With that statement alone, who is to say that we Earthlings are the only living creatures in this universe?  Why would God choose only to create one planet out of such a vast openness of space and time that has life? On the scientific side, as space exploration continues its quest into places that “no man has gone before”, we’ve been shown evidence of life that once existed on planets such as Mars.  Teams have set up satellites and other various forms of equipment to listen for that transmission from Outer Space.  The infamous Roswell, New Mexico created an Alien Mecca after the reported crash of a U.F.O.  on July 8, 1897.
One might be interested to note that the first highly publicized recording of alien sightings was in Aurora, Texas in April of 1897. This particular account is heightened even more since the Wright Brothers did not invent their first airplane until six years later in 1903.  The sighting was described as what appeared to be a “flying cigar”.  When the object crashed however, its navigator from space did not survive the impact.  The citizens of Aurora, Texas gave the alien a traditional Christian burial and interred the alien body in a cemetery near the crash site.  Speculation as to whether or not this incident was a hoax brought about by persons with a grand imagination cannot be debunked as evidence to make a statement that the account did not occur.
Reports around the same time frame also stem to Russia in 1908 to Nepal and China in 1926.  Alien life form has been the foundation to comic books such as Superman, otherwise known as Kal-El from the Planet Krypton.  There also was the adventures of Flash Gordon, and even  a battle between good and evil in Star Wars featuring Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Hans Solo and Obi Wan Kenobi aka Ben Kenobi.  Children as well as adults have looked to the stars for thousands of years watching, gazing, and wondering.
Quite conceivably, one of the earliest possible recordings of alien activity can be found in the Bible in Ezekiel 1:1-28 with the account of Ezekiel and the Wheels.  It is important to understand that even back in the early days when Ezekiel lived, Ezekiel and the other prophets did not misconstrue these “aliens” or “rebel angels” with God’s angelic ambassadors.
Alien abductions though bring an area of fear and awe at the same time.  Wikipedia defines an alien abduction as subjectively taking real memories secretly against one’s will by apparently non-human entities and subjected to complex and psychological procedures.   Many scientists and doctors as well as the population in general have placed a stigma of mental illness, attention seeking and other various descriptions to these claims.  Are the stories and reports of abductions true? It’s difficult to say since there seems to be a lack of physical evidence to prove otherwise.  However, for these individuals who have staked their claims, it is very real to them.
Do aliens exist? Have we or are we being visited by beings from another place?  It is feasible to wonder why we would be the only living creatures in such a vastness of existence with galaxies and other universes that have not even been discovered by our learned and esteemed scientists and explorers.  The essence of life outside our tiny blue planet is conceivable simply by allowing ones minds to wonder and explore as eyes gaze across the skies.

What are ghosts? Several theories and ghost hunting techniques are explained here

Nearly as far back as recorded history goes there have been reports of ghostly apparitions.  People have reported seeing, feeling, even physically interacting with the spirits of the dead.  Assuming the millions of reports over thousands of years aren’t made by crazy people or downright liars, just what, then, is a ghost?

Most agree that a ghost is the spirit, the very consciousness, of what was once a living human being.  This person’s personality, for whatever reason, is still imprinted upon our environment, either because of unfinished business during their lifetime, or perhaps because they simply don’t know they’re dead.  But even if we knew exactly what a ghost is, do we know what they are made of?

II.  What Is A Ghost Made Of?
Many witnesses report ghostly apparitions in a variety of ways.  Some are seen as ethereal or almost mist-like, while others seem to be very solid, as if they are actual people.  But other times, only the sound or even the smell of a ghost is reported.  With all these different forms a ghost may take, just what could possibly make them up?
The answer possibly lies in a form of energy which is not only around us all the time, but inside of us as well.  Electromagnetism is everywhere and its force is responsible for just about everything we know.  Not only does it keep our hearts beating and our muscles moving, its very energy holds our cells together.  Without it, we wouldn’t be solid flesh and bone at all, but likely a puddle of fluid.
Electromagnetism keeps our Earth spinning, keeps our soda carbonated, our televisions running….it is everywhere!  But what does this have to do with ghosts?
One of the main principles of thermodynamics (the study of energy) says that energy cannot be destroyed, it simply takes another form.  Instead of simply dissolving, it either goes into the atmosphere or becomes a part of something else entirely.  Since we know everything around us, including our very bodies, are composed of electromagnetism, it is very possible that a ghost is made up of the same thing, albeit in somewhat different amounts and of differing levels of stabilization.
Though this is certainly not proven, it is an interesting theory.  One that seems to be rooted in known scientific facts.  But even if it is true that ghosts are a form of electromagnetic energy, it doesn’t necessarily explain how they are imprinted upon our environment.  For that, we look toward tape recorders.
III.  Imprints
You can go to any Radio Shack in the country and buy a standard cassette player.  If you open up the tape deck and look inside, you’ll see all kinds of tiny gadgets and mechanical instruments.  It is here that we may someday find the precise answer to how the spirit of a once living human being stays behind.
One of the most important components in a tape recorder are the pair of electromagnets inside.  These electromagnets get their signal from the microphone and translate that energy in what is called a magnetic flux.  When you record, that magnetic flux is copied, or “remembered,” on that side of the cassette tape.  Now, let’s say you wanted to make a copy of that tape.  By copying your recording onto another cassette, you have literally transferred the magnetic flux and imprinted it on your second tape.  If environmental conditions are right, could events of the past, or even a once living person’s mind, be copied, or imprinted, upon the area via electromagnetic resonance?
For this theory to be true, it would mean that memories and consciousness would be preserved, but no new memories or experiences would be retained.  Think about it.  The recording you make on a cassette deck is not on the deck itself, but on the tape.  It is play only.  The same could be said of the ghost.  It is imprinted on the environment, maybe even interacting with us, but it would not retain anything new.  So, how do we communicate with it?  Well, many researchers and investigators believe voices from the spirit world are recorded using a process called EVP, or electronic voice phenomenon.  These are the voices we pick up on our recorders that we do not hear during the recording session.  But why does a recorder pick up the voice, and not our ears?
IV.  EVP and Communication
Communication from the spirit world is both a lesson in human biology and a return to electromagnetism and recordings.  First, biology.  How does a human being produce the voice that comes out of our mouths?  Simply put, we move air up from our lungs and past the exterior of our vocal cords, creating a vibration that elicits tone from our larynx.  The words are formed by the team of our tongue and lips, working in tandem to control air flow.
But this is when you are alive, and actually have the use of air, vocal cords, a larynx, etc.  The ghost is just condensed energy.  It doesn’t have use a voice.  Or does it?  While they may not have a tongue or lips, what they do possibly have is the ability to manipulate the microphone of our recording devices.
Microphones have a thin plastic diaphragm inside them that will vibrate a magnet and coil when introduced to sound vibrations.  And by the change of the position of the magnetic element and coil, it sends a signal to the tape recorder through electricity.  While we cannot say for sure if a ghost has the power to vibrate the plastic diaphragm, if they are indeed made of electromagnetic energy, wouldn’t it be feasible to theorize they can manipulate the magnetic mass and coil inside the microphone?  If so, your EVP is born.
V.  Cellular Memory and Memory Possession
Okay, we’ve talked about what ghosts are, what they’re made of, why they’re here and have given some idea of how they communicate.  But how, if we aren’t able to see the electromagnetism all around us, do people see ghosts?  How do we experience their presence?  For that we look to cellular memory and the theory of memory possession.
Think for a moment about the reports people make when it comes to ghosts.  Likely the most common form of haunting is the residual haunt.  And for that style of activity, there really is no ghost at all, but merely displaced energy that plays itself over and over.  But what if instead of just witnessing a residual style haunting, people actually experience them?  It is not at all uncommon for people to report feeling the emotions associated with the events being played out.  The sadness, for instance.  How does this happen?
Perhaps you are familiar with the stories of organ recipients all over the world who seem to take on some of the personality traits of the donor.  A man who was once only into rock n’ roll is now overcome by the sounds of Beethoven; and he later learns his kidney donor was a classical violinist.  Or a woman who hated sports who now finds herself cheering heavily for the Chicago Bears after her liver transplant, and comes to find out that her donor was a sports writer in the Chicago area.  It happens, and it is called cellular memory.  Doctors and scientists do not yet fully understand it, but it is a verified condition.  Somehow, someway, the cells in our organs are linked to our memories and personalities.
Now consider the theory many doctors and scientists have that electromagnetic charges link our brains and our hearts, actually making them capable of sharing information and data with each other.  If it is true that ghosts are electromagnetic energy imprinted on the environment, it stands to reason that if a person with an identical or similar brain wavelength as that of the energy field, it could electronically stimulate the proteins of our brain responsible for memories.  This would cause someone to not only experience the residual haunt visually, but also experience the emotions associated with it.  Fear, sadness, even extreme happiness have all been reported in conjunction with residual hauntings.  It is certainly a fascinating idea to consider.
VI.  Scientific Method and Conclusion
These are just a few of the many ongoing theories that paranormal researchers and investigators are working on.  Perhaps someday we will have enough data from the countless experiments where we can scientifically prove that ghosts exist.  And you, as a researcher and investigator yourself, can create your own theories, too.  Here is how to properly create and test hypotheses using scientific method.
Scientific method is defined as a systematic approach to observation, drawing conclusions, and testing hypotheses.  The approach has 5 steps.  They are:
1)  Identify an unsolved problem
2)  Form a hypothesis
3)  Test your hypothesis
4)  Collect and analyze the associated data
5)  Draw a conclusion.
The system is cyclical.  If at first your hypothesis is not proven, try try again.  But be prepared.  As you know, reports of ghostly activity have been around for thousands of years.  Nothing associated with an apparition has been proven as of yet.  That is why this field is still consider paranormal.  But it is only through continued hypothesizing and testing that we will eventually find the answers we seek.  Your assistance is needed.  Will you help?
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Starting a Successful Paranormal Investigation Team

If you have been thinking about starting a paranormal investigation team then you will need to know how to go about securing a location and sorting out what equipment you will need. You wont need to go spending a load of money on this and most of the items you will need to conduct a successful investigation will be able to be found around the house. The top three things to remember when starting a paranormal investigation team is; who will be coming, where will it be and what will we need.

Who will be coming?

One thing that people worry about is if people will actually turn up to the investigation. Firstly I would only take out a small group of people, maybe just close friends or family. When you feel confident then I would start to advertise in the local newspaper or on the internet. Another way you could promote your paranormal investigation team is by flyer your local area, through that method can be fairly expensive.

Where will it be?

Securing a location is the first step. Try phoning up the owners of somewhere you would like to conduct a paranormal investigation, if they say yes then always make sure that you don't clash with another group and make sure that you get signed permission. At the end of the night I always like to write a letter of thanks and collect donations from people that attended, this will increase your chances of being able to conduct an investigation in that particular place in the future.

What will I need?

For your first investigation you will only need the basics such as a torch, camera and notepad. After a few investigations and when your paranormal investigation team is expanding then it would be wise to invest some money in a paranormal data logging program. This will allow you to analyse data efficiently, present clear and professional logs of the night and also keep in contact with members of your group by sending bulk emails.

After you have done a few investigations, have some software and a solid group of people then maybe you could think about purchasing EMF meters and digital recorders. Then you will be in a better position to be taken seriously by the scientific community and expert paranormal investigation teams.

Want To Start A Paranormal Investigation Team?

Not Sure What You Need To Get Started?

Find Out Exactly How To Start Your Own Paranormal Investigation Team Here: Ghost Hunting Software

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Is Paranormal Research Legit?

For most people, hearing, seeing or encountering a ghost is enough to make believers out of them. However, paranormal research aims to take this very personal experience and present acceptable evidence to the masses. They seek out ways to quantify and calculate the presence of spirits, to capture them on camera, or even to disprove commonly reported phenomena. Today, there are numerous approaches to researching the ghost paranormal phenomenon.

Some researchers take an anecdotal approach to the research of it by collecting ghostly stories from around the world and comparing them. Charles Fort (1874-1932) is one of the most trusted collectors of anecdotal evidence, with over 40,000 accounts of unexplained paranormal happenings on record. Most of these notes came from magazines, newspapers and scientific journals, he says. The culmination of this evidence is contained in four noteworthy books: The Book of the Damned (1919), New Lands (1923), Lo! (1931), and Wild Talents (1932).
His stories talk of poltergeist activity, teleportation, falling fish and frogs across a tremendous range, crop circles, bumps in the night, levitation, spontaneous fires, UFOs, mysterious disappearances and appearances, wheels of light over the ocean, phantom animals, out-of-place artifacts and alien abductions. Some consider Fort to be the "father of modern paranormalism." While there is no empirical evidence, per se, many people like reading these personal accounts of the paranormal and it's interesting to note the compiled similarities of certain events.
Other researchers prefer the participant-observer approach to paranormal research. A parapsychologist will look for ways to prove the existence of a paranormal phenomenon in a laboratory setting, although most hunters of ghosts prefer to immerse themselves in the field, looking for clues in places that are allegedly haunted. This method has gained increased popularity through reality TV shows like Ghost Hunters, where researchers collect data and report their own personal experiences. While these sort of first person observations do not gain respect in the scientific community, many people can identify with these accounts as being something they've experienced at one time or another.
Many of the best people conducting paranormal research are impartial skeptics. While they would like to prove the existence of spirits, they are more likely to seek out rational explanations for bizarre occurrences. Opinion polls show that most people would like to believe in ghosts and surmise that there is life beyond death.
The general public is exceedingly curious about the continuation of life beyond this world and some of the ghost stories may reveal people's fears about the unknown. Despite widespread beliefs in it, the National Science Board asserts that these beliefs can actually be dangerous. They say belief in it shows reduced critical thinking skills and a reduced ability to make day-to-day decisions.
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Paranormal Logging Programs - Finding The Best Ghost Hunting Software

When looking for the ideal ghost hunting software, choose one that has the most useful and user friendly features to assist in every study of the paranormal. A number of free software options do exist today for downloading, but when it comes to features, it is always better to purchase the software for more value.
Basic Features Of Decent Ghost Hunting Software
All paranormal logging programs come with some basic features that any ghost hunter requires, the first being a data entry system. Like any other kind of research software, ghost hunting software should allow for every possible piece of data to be entered for each case.
Some of the most important data fields to look for include dates, time, addresses, location, temperature, sounds, odors, and descriptions of the occurrence. These are the basic information that needs to be recorded when conducting any investigation of paranormal incidents.
The next thing to look for is the software's ability to generate good reports. Record keeping is crucial when hunting for ghosts for the sake of reference building. The software should enable you to generate charts, print records and search for specific cases in the system.
Additional Features Of Paranormal Logging Programs
The above are features of most free paranormal logging programs, but with a bit of extra cash, you can get excellent software that gives even more solutions. For example, high quality ghost software allows for videos, photographs and sound recordings to be uploaded and viewed. Importing and exporting these multimedia recordings makes for a better research or investigation report for each haunting case.
Another useful feature is password protection for sensitive records or cases, as they do happen quite often when researching the paranormal. It can come in handy especially when doing high profile cases, or to protect identities and cases from unauthorized viewing in general.
One more excellent feature of the best ghost software is accommodating all ghost hunting details in one location. Researching paranormal events accumulates plenty of documents, videos, audio and photographic evidence that can be difficult to manage when they are spread out in a computer.
The right software can develop a good management system to create the ideal record keeping method. Find the ideal software at: Ghost Hunting Software
Using software in conjunction with other equipment can drastically increase the results of your investigation. Interested in downloading some paranormal investigation software? Visit: Paranormal Logging Programs
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ESPN: Team staying at Skirvin Hotel – NY Knicks say it’s “Haunted”

“Oklahoma… where the wind goes sweeping down the plains.”  While this might be a lyric from the musical – Oklahoma, there is nothing ordinary about it when you involve the NBA’s Knicks and their stay in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Hotel in January of 2011.  The Knicks are attributing their fouled game to being accountable due to the haunted happenings at the Skirvin Hotel.

Jared Jeffries reported to Frank Isola of the NY Daily News, “The place is haunted. It’s scary!” Eddy Curry in addition also reportedly spent several hours balled up in Nate Robinson’s room in fear.
So what is it about the Skirvin Hotel that has NBA Superstars shaking and trembling?
The Skirvin Hotel was opened in the early 1900’s by W.B. Skirvin at 1 Park Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  It gained notoriety for a few reasons:  Mr. Skirvin’s daughter, Pearl Mesta was the Ambassadress to Luxembourg.  Due to her extensive travels and worldly experiences, she brought business and charm to the hotel.
Over the years, reports of a maids cart making its way down the halls with no maid in sight has been a regular sighting.  Also, complaints of a baby crying on another floor only for guests to find that there were no families checked in with a baby are astounding.  Effie is another ghostly tale of this hotel.  Legend has it that Mr. Skirvin, owner of the hotel, locked Effie away on the 14th floor so as to keep her quiet about his marital indiscretions with her; causing her to be with child.  And, regardless of how she cried out by banging on doors or pleading for help, nobody would come to her aid.  The wrought girl, near insanity leapt to her death with her child in her arms from a ledge of the hotel to her death in the 1930’s.
In more recent times, the Skirvin Hotel has apparently made it clear that they do not want to be considered a “haunted hotel”, by a recent communication to renowned Psychic, Chip Coffey when they decided to cancel a venue for Mr. Coffey’s “Coffey Talk” tour.  Mr. Coffey responded to the Skirvin Hotel with this letter: .  He even goes as far as mentioning the NBA’s Knicks in the letter, referring to their own experiences there.
The Skirvin Hotel closed its doors to the public in the 1980’s due to despair and the debilitated state the building was in.  However, in 2007, after extensive renovations and remodeling, the Skirvin Hotel reopened its 525 room facility and reports of haunted experiences continue on.
So, the question remains.  Skirvin Hotel truly haunted as numerous accounts have claimed over the span of almost 80 years? Or, are the guests who have stayed there such as the NBA Knicks making allegations so as to ward off any type of hype of not getting their game on?  In addition, what is the Skirvin Hotel desperately trying to hide or avoid when they make statements that they do not support, promote or acknowledge any paranormal stories including the Skirvin?
The answers are left for you to decide.

Salt as Protection

In the past, I’ve talked about the tradition of using salt to repel or block angry and malicious spirits.

Several people have asked me about this.
I’ve only used salt a couple of times, because I regard it as an extreme remedy.  However, I know people who rely on it regularly.
You’ve probably heard the saying, “sow the ground with salt.”  The roots of that concept seem mixed.  In some cases — according to Wikipedia, anyway –  the salt was supposed to curse the location.
When I was growing up, I heard that salt was used to bless the ground.
So, those are two opposing views of salt.
According to folklore from my childhood — as told to me by people I trusted — evil spirits can’t cross a line of salt.
When psychics and paranormal researchers use salt, that’s usually the intent: To create a physical barrier between the entity and the people it’s affecting.
(I don’t think salt is strong enough to block something at the demon level, or I’m sure more exorcists would be using it.)
In addition, I’ve heard rave results when I’ve recommended placing a bowl of salt near a bed where ghosts have been troublesome.  That’s had 100% success over the past ten years.
In my research, I see many salt references in the Bible.
And he went forth unto the spring of the waters, and cast the salt in there, and said, Thus saith the Lord, I have healed these waters; there shall not be from thence any more death or barren land.
2 Kings 2:21 (KJV)
That’s clearly a healing reference, not a curse.  Similarly, I see Bible references to a covenant of salt in 2 Chron 13:5 (KJV).
In Bible references, I see similar connections between salt and blessings:
There are frequent allusions to this practice (Jer 34:18). Such alliances were called “covenants of salt” (Num 18:19; 2Ch 13:5), salt being the symbol of perpetuity.—Easton’s Illustrated Dictionary
Salt was used when a baby was born, as well:
As soon as a child was born it was washed, and rubbed with salt (Ezek 16:4) —Easton’s Illustrated Dictionary
In other words, the connections between salt and spirituality are ancient, and therefore difficult to trace to a single source.
Which salt to use?
According to tradition, sea salt will work better than plain table salt… but from readers’ reports, table salt can be good enough for use in a haunted bedroom.
I’ve never done a comparative study of the effectiveness of different salts.  Generally, I prefer to carry sea salt; it’s only slightly more expensive at the grocery store.
For extreme cases, blessed salt is supposed to be more powerful than salt that’s simply bought at the store and used immediately.
(That said, if the problem is significant and urgent, I’d use any salt that I could get my hands on, and not worry about a blessing.)
Blessed salt
Salt can be blessed in a variety of ways.  Mostly, it depends on your spirituality.
You’ll start with salt you’ve purchased at the grocery store or similar retailer.
If you’re working with a Christian context, you can bless the salt yourself; using holy water during the blessing is optional.  Most people seem to gesture in the sign of the cross and use words that announce that they’re blessing the salt in the name of Deity.
You could also have the salt blessed by a priest or minister.  This usually takes about 30 seconds; a token donation for the blessing is nice but not usually required.
If you’re working with an earth-based spiritual context, the tradition is to place a bowl of salt in the window so the light of the full moon shines on it for three consecutive nights.
If your beliefs are related to Voodoo, Vodun, or Yoruba-based spirituality, you may also add a small amount of black salt.  However, only do this if you are completely aware of what black salt does. (That’s imperative.)  If you’re not sure, leave the black salt out of the mix.  (Frankly, if that’s your spiritual foundation, several floor washes may provide better protection than the salt, anyway.)
Of course, these concepts are based in folklore and in spiritual traditions.  I can’t promise that salt will work if you don’t believe in it… or even if you do.
However, for the rare situations in which I’m concerned about safety, I like to have salt in my investigation kit.
Even if all it does is act as a placebo — making me feel a little safer around something that troubles me — it’s worth having on hand.
Article copyright (c) 2010 by Fiona Broome for

Will Obama Be the First President to Tell the Truth About UFOs?

Will Obama Be the First President to Tell the Truth About UFOs?
After decades of waiting for a president to brief the American public on the existence of UFOs, paranormal buffs are now wondering if President Obama will be the first to finally tell the truth about flying saucers and other such matters.

Incoming presidents promise to make the truth known about UFOs, then somehow the subject mysteriously goes away. Will Obama be the one to finally do it?
The Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee is requesting the president ask for a full briefing from the military and government officials on what they know about UFOs. The committee, also known as X-PPAC, is the first group in history to directly target politics and the subject of UFOs. They organized the Million Fax on Washington, a petition where faxes, letters, and e-mails were sent to Obama just after he was elected last November, requesting he bring all UFO secrets into the light and officially end years of government secrets and mysterious cover-ups.
But is Obama even interested?
“Unlike presidents Carter, Reagan, and Clinton, President Obama appears to have very little interest in UFOs,” said filmmaker R. J. Thomas, whose mock-documentary, “The Top Secret UFO Project” parodies UFO sightings and cover-ups. “Obama says he is more concerned about improving people’s lives than he is about aliens.”
At the close of “The Top Secret UFO Project,” it is mentioned that “The Jasper Incident,” a UFO-themed, film-within-the-film, was shown to President Bush at the White House in early 2004. The next day, the president told the press that he found the film very entertaining, but said that no spaceships were ever seen or seized by the government, and that anyone who believes in flying saucers is out of his mind.
The epilogue is a joke, illustrating the fact that Bush, like most of Washington, was in no hurry to tell the nation about the truth about UFOs. Bush was a ten-year-old boy when the town of Jasper, Colorado, experienced a series of UFO encounters, but, as the president of the United States in 2004, he must continue the tradition of keeping the town of Jasper’s secret (and all other known UFO stories) carefully in the closet.
“Bush promised to investigate the UFO issue, but then the subject mysteriously disappeared,” Mr. Thomas said. “I imagine Obama must be curious. UFOs must have crossed his mind at one time or another. And of all the jobs you could have to best find out information about UFOs, it would be the president of the United States.”
Many presidents of the past have had a strong interest in the subject.
In 1973, Jimmy Carter, then the governor of Georgia, filed a form with the NICAP to report a UFO sighting. Carter said that if he became president, he would make every piece of information this country has about UFO sightings available to the public.
“Jimmy Carter was the first president to admit that he had seen a UFO,” Mr. Thomas said. “Many applauded him for his bravery. He was taking a chance. A man preparing for a presidential bid is in no position to say things that make him sound like a crackpot.”
It was 1969, and Governor Carter was in Leary, Georgia, for a meeting with the Lion’s Club. Shortly after dark, he saw a bright object in the sky that was a big as the moon and kept changing colors.
But after Carter took office in January of 1977, his promise of announcing UFO information was not to be. Walter Wurfel, the administration’s Deputy Press Secretary, told the press, “There might be some aspects of some sightings that would have defense implications that possibly should be safe-guarded against immediate and full disclosure.”
Ronald Reagan was the first president to talk about the possibility of an alien invasion from outer space, and he said it in at least three speeches.
“There is a story that before he became the governor of California, Reagan and his wife, Nancy, spotted a UFO on a highway near Hollywood,” Mr. Thomas said. “They were on their way to a dinner party. When they got there, they told the guests they had just seen a UFO coming down the coast.”
As president, Reagan even discussed this matter with Mikhail Gorbachev, the head of the Soviet Union.
“At our meeting in Geneva, the U.S. President said that if the earth faced an invasion by extraterrestrials, the United States and the Soviet Union would join forces to repel such an invasion,” Gorbachev said. “I shall not dispute the hypothesis, though I think it’s early yet to worry about such an intrusion.”
The most amusing story involved a special screening of “ET” at the White House in 1982. Director Steven Spielberg was present, and, after the movie, Reagan supposedly turned to Spielberg and whispered, “There are only a handful of people who know the truth about this.”
Bill Clinton had always been curious about the existence of UFOs. After taking office in January of 1993, he was was determined to find out if tales of flying saucers were a myth, or if the government did, indeed, have many secrets hidden away somewhere in a well-secured vault.
“Clinton became president and the first thing he wanted to do with his power was to find answers to, along with JFK’s assassination, the existence of UFOs,” Mr. Thomas said. “This was information not accessible to most anyone else, whether it be the governor of Arkansas or the man in the street. Did he get any answers? Some say ‘yes’ and some say ‘no.’”
The Clinton Administration did their best, however, to uncover the decades-old mysteries of spaceship sightings. Even Hillary was in on the act, helping billionaire philanthropist Laurence Rockefeller edit a UFO-themed letter to the president.
But no new UFO information was made public, no answers were given, and Clinton never held a press conference to announce what really happened in Roswell or anywhere else.
“Some people believe the president never found any answers, that even he was not immune to government cover-ups,” Mr. Thomas said. “Others believe he did find answers, but chose to continue the tradition of keeping the public in the dark. And my film is a parody about keeping the public in the dark.”
Based on Mr. Thomas’ 2004 novella of the same name, “The Top Secret UFO Project” chronicles the UFO-related events experienced by a tiny Colorado hamlet called Jasper in the summer of 1956. Billed as “the movie the government does not want you to see,” “The Top Secret UFO Project,” is a spoof of the cheesy UFO documentaries of the 70's like “Overlords of the UFO,” and of TV programs like “In Search Of.”
“Not everyone is a UFO buff,” Mr. Thomas said, “but everybody loves a good campfire story.”
But to Obama, is this all a campfire story? Or will he show some curiosity about this like the past presidents?
“If he can find some time between his work on the economy and health care, he might ask some questions,” Mr. Thomas said. “But there are people waiting. On the home page of X-PPAC’s website, there is a countdown of Obama’s days in office without dealing with the UFO matter. It reads ‘so and so days since President Obama’s inauguration without disclosure.’ So they’re on him. They’re not going to let up.”
Mr. Thomas has been a guest on “The ‘X’ Zone,” Rob McConnell’s internationally-syndicated radio program which specializes in the unusual and the unexplained.
Story Source:

Mcdonalds Employees Abducted by Aliens?

by Wil789

The Late shift…..
On October 4, 2010 around 12:34 a.m. all ten of the late shift workers working at a McDonalds on Lafayette drive in Moore county Texas disappeared in what appears to be the first mass fast food alien abduction.
Police Investigation….
All police have to work with at this point is a grainy surveillance video. The video shows a bright light appearing outside the McDonalds around 11:30 p.m. The video does not show the actual abductors or the McDonalds employees disappearing into thin air.
Alien Expert…..
The police having so little evidence have turned to alien abduction investigator P. Allen Smith to help solve this case. Smith has been investigating alien abductions for twenty years and believes he knows why the aliens snatched the McDonalds employees.
No McNuggets……
Smith believes the McDonalds employees made the terrible mistake of telling the aliens they had run out of McNuggets. What! Smith believes this because the McDonalds employees did actually run out of McNuggets just before the disappearance.
On Going Investigation….
For now police and Mr. smith will continue to investigate. They advise if you are working late shift and you see an unexplainable bright light outside call the police and never mention McNuggets.
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By Leslie Valentin

Reality television is no doubt one of the biggest rated components of media viewing today. Add in a paranormal aspect and the crowds seem to grow into a frenzy of wonder and excitement wondering what will happen next. So when a mogul like Hugh Hefner makes a statement about his mansion being haunted on national television; it is no coincidence that more curiosity would even spike.
So, when I received word and was asked to write an article about the Playboy Mansion being haunted, I was with my friend headed towards Missouri in the car. I looked at her and half-wittedly laughed stating, “Sure it is…!” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes and I had some reservations about what I would sleuth up for facts on this topic. However, the writer in me loves a challenge and thus I started digging out the truth behind the claim – is the Playboy Mansion haunted?
Let’s set the stage shall we?
The Place: The E! Television show: The Girls Next Door, which has also been known as the Girls of the Playboy Mansion, in California.
The Players: They include Hugh Hefner, Karrisa Shannon and Crystal Harris (Hugh’s fiancée).
When: Episode Three, November 2009
Hugh’s cuties, Karrisa and Crystal are throwing a slumber party in this particular episode. Their guests include other Playmates. During the course of the Bunny fun-filled evening, they decide to tell ghost stories around a campfire.
Cue: Enter Hugh Hefner.
Hugh sneaks into the party and announces that the Playboy Mansion is haunted by the wife of a former owner who threw herself off the balcony.
Pandemonium breaks out amongst the Bunnies. Karrisa and her twin sister Kristina suddenly start talking about how they can confirm this because of odd occurrences they have experienced in their bedroom there in the mansion. They make claims that the doors close on their own, lights flicker and they hear footsteps in the attic above their bedroom.
With the paranormal ambience stirring like a tornado these days made exceptionally popular by movies and television, this sounds like an iron-clad definition of proof. Isn’t it?
Well, for those fans of the Bunnies as well as the paranormal, it is important to know that the original Playboy Mansion was purchased by Hugh Hefner in 1959 at 1340 N. State Parkway in Chicago, Illinois. Then Hugh decided in 1971 to move to California. Between 1971 and 1974, Hugh shuttled back and forth from Los Angeles to Chicago. In 1974, Hugh decided to permanently stay out west and the mansion at 1340 N. State Parkway was donated to the Chicago Art Institute. It was then used for student housing and then later converted into condominiums. The current Playboy Mansion is located at 10236 Charing Cross Road in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles, California.
The original mansion was built in 1899 for Dr. George S. Isham and his wife Katherine Porter Isham. An interesting tidbit of information is the marriage of Dr. George S. Isham and Katherine Porter joined together two of Chicago’s pioneering families. The mansion itself boasts 70 rooms and is laid in French brick and limestone.
Deaths related to the 1340 N. State Parkway mansion are rather indirect. Hugh’s executive assistant, Bobbie Arnstein, was arrested outside the mansion by the D.E.A. in 1974. Hugh paid all her legal bills; however on January 12, 1975, she committed suicide as a result of an overdose of drugs and alcohol.
The current Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles however, carries only one death directly tied to the property. In 2010, a man fell to his death from a tree trying to gain access to the mansion and grounds. The claim that Hugh made at the slumber party of his Bunnies that a former owner’s wife plunging to her death from a balcony has become, after numerous hours of digging and researching, merely a “tail” at this time.
The concluded twist to this “ghostly tale” around the campfire seems to be a possible publicity rouse for the television viewers as well as perhaps to send a few shivers down his Bunnies spines!

Is Lady Gaga Haunted?

By Jenna Cears

Everyone has heard of ghosts following people and haunting their homes, but what about all around the world?! Ghost hauntings are not particularly known for following people around the globe. But for one unique pop sensation, this ridiculous notion has become a reality.
Lady Gaga is a pop icon that has taken the world by storm and won over many hearts in the past year. But this unique pop sensation claims she is being haunted! There are many stories behind this haunting. Some say that she claims she is being haunted by evil spirits and she can’t explain why. The more popular story is that a male spirit just can’t get enough of the Gaga.
Many view Lady Gaga as weird, strange, and sometimes psychotic. With her outrageous wardrobe, bold statements, and stream line breaking music, Lady Gaga is hard to believe when it comes to the mysterious ghost supposedly haunting her. At first most of her crew members didn’t believe this strange notion. Then Gaga seemed more terrified day by day. One crew member said, “She’s been telling us all for months that she has a male spirit called Ryan who travels the world with her. She’s pretty terrified by this spirit, but more than anything he’s annoying her as he won’t leave her alone.” Another source added that “He hasn’t been doing anything too violent or scary but she’s freaked out by his presence. She’s a very spiritual person and in tune with the spiritual world but this is a step too far, even for her.”
So far this supposed haunting seems to be harmless, just aggravating to the newly popular pop sensation. Even though bothered and not harmed, Gaga proceeded to take precautions regarding the spirit following her on tour.
The cautious performer shelled out over 3,000 pounds of “ghost-busting gear”. A source tells headlines that Gaga has devoted over $47,000 of equipment, a lot of this bundle consisting of electro-magnetic field meters to detect her ghostly company. Gaga’s aide even hired professional help, Dan Webb's ghost-busting firm, for the purpose. Dan said, "When I took the order for the kit I had no idea who it was for. But then I checked the listings and saw who was playing the O2. Her aide said the gear had to be robust as they were taking it on the road - so they must be doing this every where Lady Gaga is performing."
This shows that Gaga is taking serious precautions during her tour and wants this thing resolved as soon as possible. Lady Gaga is a very spiritual person, but she tells the media that this is a little too overboard for her taste. Recently Gaga hired a spirit medium to try and get rid of the ghost for good.
There was a séance held in Belfast, Ireland. Gaga and her friends attended for support and comfort. The results of the séance have not been revealed yet, but let’s hope we get to find out if one of our favorite pop sensations has controlled her ghostly fan. Good Luck Gaga!

Is Michael Jackson Haunting Neverland Ranch?

by Leslie Valentin