Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What You Need To Know About Doomsday 2012

Written by Pit Rubens

12-21-2012 is the day when our dear entire world will take its last breath. Not only this, the exact predicted time is 11.11 GMT. The Mayan calendar states this fact about the end of the planet on the 21st December 2012. A lot of findings have also predicted situations similar to doomsday.

NASA has predicted a massive explosion will hit the earth in 2012 and also the reason is stated as the collision between asteroids and comets. Even the sun is getting hotter plus the emission of rays and gases can be intense as well as the planet may well burn as well. The sun has the tendency to attract and dissolve planets and this can become true in they year 2012. Individuals are getting a little scared, but the reality is unbelievable at times. You ought to have observed how the whole globe is changing as well as the patterns are comparable on the findings in predictions. A lot of times, we ignore a call, but it can be incredibly properly mentioned in all religious scriptures that the globe has an end.

Also According to the teachings of the Bible, when specific events have come to pass, an immense meteor, asteroid or comet will smash into our excellent and beautiful planet Earth. If we pay attention to what is disclosed to us inside the Book of Revelations we will discover that this event is extremely close to occurring.

The end of the entire world might not be on 21st December 2012 but there has to be an end otherwise. This makes individuals much more jittery. The surface from the earth is becoming much more hot as compared to a century ago.

When you go back to your basic sources, it says that conditions were same in the formation of the entire world, as it's in the predictions of the end of the planet. 12-21-2012 may perhaps be the end of nature, but again the point lies in your belief. Persons may well give facts and figures, but being educated, you have to analyze things yourself.

Zodiac Sign Changed? Three Reasons To Check It Out

Written by Bob Meeler

The buzz is out regarding whether our zodiac sign has changed or not? If so, this would pose a huge impact and shift for many people who were accustomed to their astrology sign. Thus, it's important to actually learn more about these Zodiac signs. Endeavoring to succeed with learning more about your Zodiac sign isn't an exception. Being well-advised and using a good plan can be important elements in whether a person does something correctly and succeed, or apply it wrong and fail. Failing to attempt this correctly can lead to disastrous consequences. You can actually end up reading about false report about yourself, and perhaps take those reading seriously.

Listed here are a trio of tips to avoid that sort of failure, and succeed.

To start with, understand most horoscopes and finding about whether your zodiac sign changed or not, is pure entertainment.

You are going to need to conduct more research on your background, because that can help you to avoid further issues. Failing to get this done may cause you to interpret these readings as concrete facts. So do not make the mistake of ignoring this crucial step!

Next, try to learn different signs and compare it to yours

Almost as essential as understanding that most horoscopes and finding about whether your zodiac sign changed or not, is pure entertainment when you are attempting to succeed at learning of the different signs, you'll see many similarities between them . I am here to tell you, you don't want to overlook this. It can help to not panic in case the zodiac signs actually change, and everyone involved in asking their fortune teller if their reading is accurate or not. Who wants the wrong information?

Lastly, it helps to research more on the web the history of Zodiac signs

Finally, when focusing on your own understanding of your sign you want to be sure you are examining your own life's path first and taking these zodiac reading with a grain of salt. This tends to help with reliving the anxiety in case you get a bad reading, that's a significant element of fear for something for entertainment purposes. Failing that could mean you might not realize horoscopes are meant to guide you to safety and just for fun. And I imagine that we could be in agreement this wouldn't be good if you take them too seriously.

As mentioned above, when you want to succeed at interpreting your zodiac sign correctly, you want to be certain you never make some mistakes that can cause you to wind up reading about false report about yourself, or maybe even taking those reading too seriously. What you want is a balance view knowing horoscope readings are just for fun, and you may achieve that by being attentive to the tips above.

The Roswell UFO Crash: A New Lead and a New Direction

It’s been nearly sixty years since the crash of an alleged Alien Spacecraft near Roswell, NM. Despite a multitude of credible civilian and military witnesses who claim the object and its occupants were from another world, we still lack absolute proof. As a result, researchers trying to solve this puzzle constantly hope for two things: Actual physical evidence and reliable witnesses.

Because the Roswell Crash took place in 1947, the likelihood of turning up any new first hand witnesses to the crash, military investigation or cover-up fades with each year that passes. The same may be said of physical evidence. Even if somebody found a shoe box full of metal or other strange material from the crash stashed in their attic, they might not even know what it was. That leaves the possibility of second or third hand witnesses.

While it’s easy to dismiss witnesses who didn’t actually experience the crash or aftermath, they can often provide serious researchers with some tidbit of information that can lead to more later. Recently, I was contacted by a man living in California who I’ll call Al. After listening to the late Colonel Philip Corso (author of ‘The Day after Roswell’) speak about events surrounding the Roswell UFO Crash on a late night radio show, Al began to give some thought to something that had occurred earlier in his life.

Al moved to San Francisco, California, in 1964. Sometime in the winter of 1964-65, he was set up on a blind date with ‘a good-looking young blond woman.’ While he could not recall her name or where they went on the date, he did remember an unusual conversation they had at the end of the evening.

Although the two didn’t hit it off romantically, they did seem to enjoy talking with one another. The topics included philosophy, astronomy and science fiction. All very popular themes of the day. At some point the young woman asked Al if he believed in the existence of other life forms or Alien life in the Universe. Al said he did and gave a few reasons why, which included the size of the Universe and the common scientific probabilities of the day. The young woman almost immediately gave affirmation to Al by saying something like, “Yea, you’re right,” and followed up with a most amazing story.

Al’s date began her narrative by explaining that she was the daughter of an Air Force Chaplain. The family lived in Roswell and her father was serving on the Base known as Roswell Army Air Field in 1947 (later named Walker Air Force Base in 1949). Although he cannot recall the actual calendar date or day of the week, the young woman told him that sometime during dinner two men came to the door to get her dad. She recalled hearing them tell him that his services were needed. The incident caused such a stir in the household that everyone stayed up late until he returned.

Seeing that everyone was still awake, the Chaplain told his family that he was called to give religious comfort to some sort of Alien Life Forms near what seemed to be an Alien Spacecraft. At least two of four creatures were still alive when he got there. He described them as looking a bit like adolescent boys, but obviously not human. No one knew what the creatures were or precisely how to care for them. As a result, all of the beings eventually perished. That was the crux of the story.

Al would have been seven and the young woman would have been around five years of age at the time of the Roswell UFO Crash. Despite her young age, one can assume that this event left a huge impression on her and was probably discussed a number of times over the years by one or more family members. Either way, she seemed to recall enough of the story to share it with her date.

As an experienced paranormal investigator, I know that you can second guess almost any story into oblivion. This is the way of most skeptics. They merely tinker with stories, evidence or witnesses until the believable becomes unbelievable. That is not what I will do here. Instead, I will consider the possibilities.

Although there are many missing pieces from this story, it has one shining asset. Al provides a fascinating new direction for Roswell UFO Crash researchers. I never thought to include a Chaplain in the mix of characters who were a part of the military response to the Roswell Crash. It’s easy to forget that people tended to be much more religious in those days. It’s also worthwhile to remember that no one expected an alien spacecraft to fall out of the sky and into a world that wasn’t ready for such an event.

While it might seem hard to imagine that a Chaplain would be considered important enough to be summoned in the manner he was for such an event, it gets easier if you consider the military mindset. When it comes to any branch of the armed services, it was and still is all about preparedness. We have to assume that some sort of short list of first responders for emergencies was always available to Officers on duty.

Despite the unusual nature of the vehicle and occupants which crashed near Roswell, the initial reaction of the military reveals an almost textbook response to what might otherwise have been considered to be something like a plane crash. The local funeral home was contacted for coffins and/or services, a military investigator and recovery crew was sent out to do their job and the press was duly notified. Given the religious beliefs and values of that time, it would not be unexpected to find a Military Chaplain being made available to those on the scene of a disaster.

Under normal circumstances, it probably wouldn’t be that difficult to track down the names of Military Chaplains serving at the Roswell Army Air Field in 1947. However, the task becomes very complicated because the base was home to military aircraft given the mission of carrying Atomic Bombs and personnel were involved in the retrieval and cover-up of a crashed Alien Spacecraft. Anyone who has ever visited Roswell or tried to follow the paper trail back to 1947 knows that peripheral information is everywhere, but tracing down specific information is difficult and the results are not always reliable.

Despite the hardships of verifying a story like this one, the new direction provided opens up a whole new world of possibilities. After all, Chaplains are not just military personnel, but have ties to mainline faiths. It’s possible that the Chaplain involved shared some information with other Chaplains or religious leaders, in addition to his immediate family, before the lid was clamped down or he was ordered to keep quiet. Al’s blind date of forty years ago may prove to be another important piece in the Roswell puzzle.

Doctors and lawyers decided to be vampires at night?!

The movie Twilight gets new and new parts, gets millions admirers all around the world, the story is attracting wide human masses in a time when could be said that the mystery around this appearance should not be so captivating when there are so many interesting contemporary things. Its the same with the zombies, in a time when no one has reported that has seen a real one, appear Zombie Survival Guides, there are numerous zombie games and movies, organize mass zombie dances or walks when people are dressing themselves as undead and act like that

Maybe this looks little bit weird but its not so weird if we compare it with the study of Idaho State University sociologist D.J. Williams. According to the researches of this high scholar for subculture, there is some vampire mania spreading around the world. Its not about admiring vampire movies or something like that but is some thing more serious. Williams says that there are "self-identified vampires" that concern them selves as followers of Dracula. As he says many doctors or lawyers, people on respected positions turn into vampires at night, seeking for blood-sharing relationships.

It is affirmed that besides them, there are number of people that actually want their blood to be sucked.

Williams explains that these "self-identified vampires" conceive the people as a mixture of light and dark side. In public has been showing the socially desirable self, the side that people accept to see, but also there is a negative, not so nice, side of everyone. Everyone tries to hide this side but the vampires acknowledge it and try to manage it.

This scholar continues that "self-identified vampires" are actually looking for significant persons that have excess of energy. They are often in a relationship with their donor and a combination of a person with an abundance of energy and a person with energy blockages gives a perfect symbiotic relationship. The blood its been sucked from a small incision made high up on the chest by a scalpel.

Williams who took years for the scholar in forensic social work, criminal justice and leisure sciences, says that there are not arguments that this is illegal because its about an arrangement between two consenting adults and aims to have no ill effect.

If these approaches are true, its about social phenomenon that will take many years to be accepted. Maybe the perpetrator should be found in the director of  Twilight  that has made vampires to look so attractive and so cool.

Real Ghosts, Ghost Hunting, and Quantum Physics

One of the benefits of a lifetime of afterlife communication is that I know a lot about ghosts  what they are and what there not. For instance, there not caught between worlds. And they don't need us to help them move on. There exactly where there supposed to be. You don't honestly think that God, the Creator of the Universe, would leave their eternal fate in your and my hands, do you?

You CAN say that they are earthbound, but that's because their consciousness never left the earth. And when you die, yours wont either. Were all right here together forever. That's just the nature of the afterlife. Yes, knowing the laws of the afterlife can make these things a lot clearer.

Lately, Ive been researching what folks believe about ghosts and haunting s. Ive investigated the investigations. Repeatedly Ive read, We don't use Ouija boards, seances, mediums or occult methods. Yet its common for ghost researchers to accept, as an underlying condition of their investigations, the erroneous claims of psychics, mediums, and channels.

Im referring to such concepts as caught between worlds, unfinished business earthbound souls, and ghost children in distress. At the same time ominous warnings urge vigilant caution in case non-human demons and malevolent entities are encountered. Oh, and don't forget the Hollywood expression, "Go to the light." Scientific research cant be conducted properly on a foundation of superstition.

Let me tell you some things that are true about ghosts. Actually there are only two kinds of ghosts: real and not-real.

The real ghosts are everywhere. There in your home, in your car, in your school, and in your dreams. Ghost researchers call these interactive ghosts. I call them soul-ghosts, or disincarnate souls. I don't care for the term, disembodied because they do have a body. We just cant see it for the same reason that we cant see sound waves and ultraviolet light. There outside the range of our sentient boundary.

Soul-ghosts are interactive. They reach out to you, and you feel no fear  absolutely none. They envelop you in a blanket of warm fuzzes. Real ghosts can be mistaken for angels. This isn't a paranormal experience. Its a supernatural and spiritual experience.

The not-real ghosts seem to be everywhere too, but only for people that believe they exist, or at least believe that they might exist. They rarely bother unbelievers. Ghost researchers call the not-real ghosts  residual ghosts. These ghosts seem to defy the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy because they pop in and out of existence like virtual particles. The appearance of this type of ghost can be explained by quantum physics. From the Copenhagen Interpretation, which states that nothing is real until you look at it, to the holographic theory of the universe, all ghosts abide by the laws of quantum physics.

People that experience residual ghosts say that they seem to be caught in a time-loop replaying the same scene over and over. The above mentioned physics also apply to residual ghosts but with the addition of Schrodingers equations. For every now that we experience, a positive wave flows into the future and a negative wave flows into the past like concentric ripples created by a rock thrown into a pond.

The fact that some people experience residual ghosts is due to normal functions of human consciousness. Although some might rather think of it as a glitch. Residual ghosts are unusual and fascinating experiences with natural causes.

Briefly, a few more types of not-real ghosts are poltergeists, demons, and shadow people. Abnormal psychology applies to poltergeists and demons. The physiology of the eye accounts for shadow people.

So, whats the truth about ghosts? Do they exist? Yes, of course they do. Can the scientific method be used to investigate them? Yes, they use measurable amounts of energy. Can you record their voices and photograph ghosts? Yes, but one needs to be alert to pattern recognition tendencies.

The science of ghost investigation has the potential to make a huge difference in a society still tormented by superstition and fear. You have the equipment. You have the rationale. And you have the compassionate desire to help others.

Copyright 2005 Robbin Renee Bridges