Friday, February 25, 2011

Why Do Ghosts “Haunt” Places?

by Leslie Valentin

When our bodies die, our soul or spirit is released. Many believe that when you die you either go to Heaven or to Hell directly; there are no gray areas that leave room for other situations. I believe in Heaven and Hell, but I also can state that ghosts not only do exist, but they exist on a parallel dimension to what we live in. I believe this to be true of Heaven and Hell as well. Unlike a child who looks as Heaven being in the clouds and Hell being at the center of the earth, I believe that these “places” also are all around us.

Our soul or spirit is pure energy. You can view it from an electrician’s point of view perhaps. You have a main electrical line that goes to a house, and the different circuits run different areas of that house. However, if you turn off a particular circuit, does that mean that energy no longer exists? The answer is that the energy is still there, just in a different area. The same can be said for when we die. The energy of our spirit leaves the “dead circuit” and goes elsewhere.

On that premise, if a spirit does not cross over, it is still around. Obviously it is not in a form that we would always know it since the physical shell or body is no longer available to host it. Many times, a spirit might not cross over immediately for various reasons – it is not aware that it died; it has some unfinished business – perhaps a violent crime or accident is causing it to stay; there is a message it is trying to convey; and also there are times where perhaps it does not want to leave the place it was in.

Not all occurrences that happen in a dwelling such as a home or place of business are spirits. There also can be negative imprints on the property or structure that can appear as a haunting as well. Structures can absorb energy and negative energies can be reflected or absorbed onto inanimate frames, or areas of land. These imprints can be just as upsetting as if one were to meet a spirit they did not expect to see, hear or witness.

The media hype of haunting has most believing that if a place is haunted, then it will be a terrifying experience each and every time. That faceless monsters will reach out and grab someone or cause someone harm because they’ve invaded a ghost’s space. For the most part, when there is a haunting; more often than not, it is someone who has attached themselves to a place for any number of reasons and mostly what they want is an acknowledgment. There are a few instances where perhaps a spirit is not happy with new occupants, but as I said, this is usually media hype for a horror movie or new suspense novel. And, in addition, sometimes remodeling or construction can cause some disturbances to a lingering spirit.

Regardless of why, usually a spirit who is dwelling is harmless. That being said, if you are having some visits or experiences, put your foot down and tell it that you feel uncomfortable with what it is doing and to please stop. Many times, the activity will subside. If it doesn’t, then one needs to take into consideration of whether or not one can live with what is happening and is it more of a nuisance than something else or is it turning into something more. If it is the latter, then calling in for some paranormal help would be the way to go.

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