Friday, February 25, 2011

Are psychics real?

by Leslie Valentin
Questioning the existence of ghosts, the validity of ghost hunting, gifts of Sensitives, Empaths, Psychics, Mediums and other areas of the paranormal realm are just as debated for Atheists as they are for Christians. And, for some, it becomes a lifelong mission to persuade others to one side or the other on the spectrum.   However, how can one truly be an atheist if they even remotely question the existence of God or take time to debate any particular issue?  The same can be said about someone denying the existence of anything paranormal.
There have been numerous investigations that I have been on where the results have differed.  Sometimes I might feel something or witness something and other times, nothing happens at all.  Just because the day or evening might be uneventful, does not cause me to doubt the existence of my abilities or the presence of possible paranormal activity.  It simply means to me that on that particular investigation, I did not sense or feel anything.  However, regardless of what one believes in, reality states that sometimes whether you believe in it or not, does not mean that it does not exist.
When you look at the scale of Psychics, Mediums, Empaths and Sensitives, the base of abilities and gifts differs for each person.  The same goes for paranormal investigators.  Not all people are going to have the same experiences, readings, visuals, or outcomes as others will.  This is true even for people who do not possess any gifts of highly sensitive persons or persons who belong to a particular paranormal investigation group.  And unfortunately, the theorem seems to be, “if I did not experience it, then it does not exist” for all aspects of life and is not limited to something regarding ghosts and haunting.
Experience states that usually the hardest core skeptic must witness something in order to believe.  This in itself closes the mind to learning new things.  Keeping an open mind and having a willingness to accept that there are possibilities of things happening or occurring without actually having to have seen it, means that one has not closed the door to continued learning and exploration of life.
Lessons in life often come in little packages.  Just as one would teach a child to sit quietly, how to listen, instructing them in the reading, writing and arithmetic; the child learns his strengths and weaknesses.  Hopefully, with encouragement and support, they grow from having weaknesses to stronger skills and the already developed accomplishments become even finer tuned.  Each person has some kind of talent that differs from another.
One can tell another that ghosts do exist until they are blue in the face.  The fact of the matter is, whether or not the other person has an ability to accept things they cannot see or choose to be a “doubting Thomas” and choose only to believe in things they do see.   And, when you think about it, we all believe in air, but not a one of us have seen it!

The “Food for Thought” today is that if you truly learn how to listen, work on all of your senses, not just the dominant ones such as sight and hearing, but actually work on fine tuning the auditory, and touch and other senses as well, you might find yourself someday in a position where you do have the ability to experience the presence of a spirit who is still earth bound, perhaps not.  But it is a choice for each of us as to how we are going to view this world and what is existent around us.  Are we open-minded or are we choosing to cut ourselves off from further growth in all dynamics.

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