Friday, February 25, 2011

How to Tell If Your House is Haunted – 2 SURE Fire Signs You’ve Got a Ghost (Shocking But True!)

By Danny Fredricks

Is your house haunted? Do you have a series of strange and unexplainable stuff CONSTANTLY happening? Have you had some experiences so WEIRD, scary or bizarre, that your hope of finding an ordinary reason or explanation is fading fast? The simple truth is that you may have a spiritual or ethereal entity in your home or apartment, and if you are NOT alone! (no pun intended..:-)
The simple truth is that nearly 1 in 3 people privately admit to having had a "ghostly" experience first hand, and unless you are a hardcore skeptic or simply completely afraid of the unexplained, having a ghost can be an informative, educational or even enlightening experience as well.
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1 - Electronic Disturbances
Want to know the first sign I had that MY house had something strange happening? When a TV turned on in front of me....all by itself, in a house that had been empty for close to a year. (and was decidedly OFF when I walked in the room) Of course this alone is the sign of NOTHING in of itself. But when you combine it with the stories of other people who LEFT the house do to weird stuff going on, it certainly was a SIGN they weren't making it up!
2 - Wild Temperatures, Strange Sensations and an Odd Feeling in Your Gut.
This is hard to explain, and you simply have to "be there" to understand. But wild vacillations in the room temperatures for seemingly NO reason, odd touches in inappropriate places when no one is around, and all sorts of strange sensations that sort of tell you something very WRONG is going on, are a good sign you've got guests of the invisible kind..:-)
Here is the thing......
The ONLY way you're ever going to believe in ghosts, is if you open your mind up to the magic, the mystery and mystical experience of actually being there when they're around. I went from a die hard skeptic to a hard core believer on ONE fact, and one fact alone: Personal UNEXPLAINABLE (and quite amazing) experience, plain and simple!
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