Friday, February 25, 2011

ESPN: Team staying at Skirvin Hotel – NY Knicks say it’s “Haunted”

“Oklahoma… where the wind goes sweeping down the plains.”  While this might be a lyric from the musical – Oklahoma, there is nothing ordinary about it when you involve the NBA’s Knicks and their stay in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma at the Hotel in January of 2011.  The Knicks are attributing their fouled game to being accountable due to the haunted happenings at the Skirvin Hotel.

Jared Jeffries reported to Frank Isola of the NY Daily News, “The place is haunted. It’s scary!” Eddy Curry in addition also reportedly spent several hours balled up in Nate Robinson’s room in fear.
So what is it about the Skirvin Hotel that has NBA Superstars shaking and trembling?
The Skirvin Hotel was opened in the early 1900’s by W.B. Skirvin at 1 Park Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  It gained notoriety for a few reasons:  Mr. Skirvin’s daughter, Pearl Mesta was the Ambassadress to Luxembourg.  Due to her extensive travels and worldly experiences, she brought business and charm to the hotel.
Over the years, reports of a maids cart making its way down the halls with no maid in sight has been a regular sighting.  Also, complaints of a baby crying on another floor only for guests to find that there were no families checked in with a baby are astounding.  Effie is another ghostly tale of this hotel.  Legend has it that Mr. Skirvin, owner of the hotel, locked Effie away on the 14th floor so as to keep her quiet about his marital indiscretions with her; causing her to be with child.  And, regardless of how she cried out by banging on doors or pleading for help, nobody would come to her aid.  The wrought girl, near insanity leapt to her death with her child in her arms from a ledge of the hotel to her death in the 1930’s.
In more recent times, the Skirvin Hotel has apparently made it clear that they do not want to be considered a “haunted hotel”, by a recent communication to renowned Psychic, Chip Coffey when they decided to cancel a venue for Mr. Coffey’s “Coffey Talk” tour.  Mr. Coffey responded to the Skirvin Hotel with this letter: .  He even goes as far as mentioning the NBA’s Knicks in the letter, referring to their own experiences there.
The Skirvin Hotel closed its doors to the public in the 1980’s due to despair and the debilitated state the building was in.  However, in 2007, after extensive renovations and remodeling, the Skirvin Hotel reopened its 525 room facility and reports of haunted experiences continue on.
So, the question remains.  Skirvin Hotel truly haunted as numerous accounts have claimed over the span of almost 80 years? Or, are the guests who have stayed there such as the NBA Knicks making allegations so as to ward off any type of hype of not getting their game on?  In addition, what is the Skirvin Hotel desperately trying to hide or avoid when they make statements that they do not support, promote or acknowledge any paranormal stories including the Skirvin?
The answers are left for you to decide.

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