Friday, February 25, 2011

What Are Supernatural Orbs? The Best Way to Catch a Spirit Orb

There is a 500 year old Native American story passed on through tradition that goes something like this: When Columbus set sail east from Spain upon reaching the North American shores neither he nor his men could actually see the shore. That is until 2am the morning they actually did go ashore.

A tribal shaman also visited the waters edge and was troubled by the constant ripples but could not see the Spaniard ship. Several days later he was finally able to see the ships and once he saw them the rest of the tribe could as well. Neuroscientist Candace Pert claims, "We only see what we believe is possible. We match patterns that already exist within ourselves through conditioning."
Have you ever visually witnessed an orb? This is a strange and perplexing phenomenon regularly seen firsthand, in photos, and on film by millions of people. A transparent solid disc of light energy is the best way to describe these multi-colored ball shaped appearances. The most commonly reported orb is white in color.
No one really knows what these things are although many parapsychologists believe they are energy from deceased entities or lingering spirits. Many people believe they represent proof of paranormal activity. Some witnesses simple wish to understand why they show up in their pictures of Grandpa Leland or why certain balls have different colors.
Most photographed orbs are probably not anything more than insects, dust or moisture reflected when the camera captured the image. It is pretty hard not to believe they are paranormal when you see a glowing, bright orb with your own eyes.
There are many theories as to what the color of an orb may represent. For example some people believe a red orb is negative and a white orb is positive energy. Others believe the color corresponds to the energy of the disembodied spirit as in orange or red indicates anger and a need to be healed or released. At the same time ghost hunters claim red is an energy of a loved one protecting those associated with the spirit.
We have no real evidence that a white orb is helpful or a red orb is harmful to anyone lucky enough to experience an encounter. There are those who suggest the color is no more than the spirit's energy condition at the time of passing on.
Another common theory is the colors are a reflection of something called "chromatic distortion" which has to do with how our eyes actually perceive the light wavelength. Basically, the shapes are seen as colors made up of some waves that are reflected and some that are absorbed.
From personal experience I think seeing orbs have to do with our conscious and subconscious mind. Subconsciously, we all see the orbs as the energy is all around us constantly swirling in every direction. A good example of this fact is many photographs show people looking towards the direction of an orb even though they did not consciously recall this until after seeing the image.
If you have never experienced an orb and wish to see or photograph one go to a place of high potential energy. Good sites to consider are old hotels, homes, hospitals or cemeteries. These can be a little creepy so a more pleasant location may be an old ballpark, church or city park.
You have to prepare your heart to be open and concentrate on feelings of love to increase your vibration. This will help you connect with the spirit world rather than focus on your desire and excitement to catch a view or photo of the orbs. Like Columbus and the shaman eventually you will see them or capture them on film.
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