Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't get burned on public ghost hunts

By: Jenna Cears
Ghost hunting, a field that is substantially growing stronger everyday, and is taking the world by storm. Appearing more often on television and online, the studying of the paranormal is drawing people in. Teens especially are drawn into this field everyday.
Teen’s ghost hunting can seem harmless but can be dangerous if the right precautions aren’t taken. There have been some discussions online regarding public ghost hunting events that allow minors to come and join. Most of these group hunts are fun and harmless but some are just scams for teens. In order to avoid some of these scams teens need to take some precautions and be careful about which public event they attend. For example if teens want to attend a public ghost hunt, they should do their research first. Few trustworthy professionals in this field routinely work with minors. This is a good thing, giving the teens experience in the paranormal field and still having a safe approach about it. But unfortunately there are some fake organizations taking teens on ghost hunts, when some never return. Not to scare those eager teens out there ready to ghost hunt, but be careful!
If you are a teen that has been thinking about attending a public ghost hunt, do your research on the organization sponsoring the hunt. Look up interviews, articles, and videos on the group. Also ask if the hunt will be meeting during the day before the event and how many people plan on attending. This way you aren’t in a dark isolated place with someone whom you haven’t met. Also you shouldn’t attend these events alone, bring some friends! This lessens the risk of something going wrong, because you will have someone by your side.
With the growing excitement and popularity in the paranormal field with teens, some precautions do need to be made on the teen’s part to ensure their own safety. Teens, don’t give up on paranormal investigating! Keep going out there and doing what you love. Just be careful. Group investigations can be a blast! Plus usually more evidence is captured! It is just highly recommended that research and variability is done with the organizations. So teens go out there, get involved! But be very cautious about these public events!

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