Friday, February 25, 2011

The Dangers of Trespassing

by Jenna Cears
Ghost Hunting an activity that is taking interest in teens and adults lately. Young ghost hunters, especially teens, are trespassing to get evidence of ghosts.
In some areas this issue isn’t taken lightly. No trespassing sign posted all over areas don’t stop young investigators from going in. Some minor issues might occur when trespassing such as, the police showing up and telling you to go home. But unfortunately at other times these young individuals get arrested.
In July of 2009 in Salem, Massachusetts, police arrested three young boys for trespassing in the Old Salem Jail. Stating that they heard the jail was haunted and just wanted to take pictures, they were arrested for trespassing. Police took the camera and charged them with breaking and entering to commit a misdemeanor and trespassing. Unfortunately these teens did go to court and faced some fines. This is yet another example of trespassing being illegal and not something to be taken lightly.
There aren’t no trespassing signs up for nothing. These signs are meant to ensure the safety. Some reasons these signs would be up are unstable building conditions, pesticides in the air, geographic dangers, and possibly some hobos there that can be quite dangerous.
In August of 2006 in Worthington, Ohio there was an unfortunate incident concerning teenage ghost hunters and trespassing. A man who lives in a house across the street from a cemetery and blocked from view by overgrown trees and shrubbery, was charged in the shooting of several teenage girls. Even though nine died, this was a very serious matter on both ends. Thinking the house was abandoned and haunted the girls decided to venture towards it. The man told reporters from jail that he was trying to drive off trespassers and did not intend to hurt the teen girls, whom he called juvenile delinquents. He said he fired his rifle out his bedroom window that Tuesday night after hearing voices outside the home. "I didn't know what their weaponry was, what their intentions were," he said. "In a situation like that, you assume the worst-case scenario if you're going to protect your family from a possible home invasion and murder.”
So advice for all aspiring paranormal investigators, do not trespass. The dangers are very high, and no one wants to get arrested for doing what they love. Do some research on the property and find out who owns it. Ask the owner of the area politely to allow you to investigate there. Be sure to state your intentions and ask if there are areas that aren’t safe and that they would recommend not going near. This way there would be no misunderstandings and accidents.
Remember trespassing is a serous matter! Ask before you enter! This may require more effort to get into the location you want to, but it is all worth it in the end right?

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