Friday, February 25, 2011

Paranormal Logging Programs - Finding The Best Ghost Hunting Software

When looking for the ideal ghost hunting software, choose one that has the most useful and user friendly features to assist in every study of the paranormal. A number of free software options do exist today for downloading, but when it comes to features, it is always better to purchase the software for more value.
Basic Features Of Decent Ghost Hunting Software
All paranormal logging programs come with some basic features that any ghost hunter requires, the first being a data entry system. Like any other kind of research software, ghost hunting software should allow for every possible piece of data to be entered for each case.
Some of the most important data fields to look for include dates, time, addresses, location, temperature, sounds, odors, and descriptions of the occurrence. These are the basic information that needs to be recorded when conducting any investigation of paranormal incidents.
The next thing to look for is the software's ability to generate good reports. Record keeping is crucial when hunting for ghosts for the sake of reference building. The software should enable you to generate charts, print records and search for specific cases in the system.
Additional Features Of Paranormal Logging Programs
The above are features of most free paranormal logging programs, but with a bit of extra cash, you can get excellent software that gives even more solutions. For example, high quality ghost software allows for videos, photographs and sound recordings to be uploaded and viewed. Importing and exporting these multimedia recordings makes for a better research or investigation report for each haunting case.
Another useful feature is password protection for sensitive records or cases, as they do happen quite often when researching the paranormal. It can come in handy especially when doing high profile cases, or to protect identities and cases from unauthorized viewing in general.
One more excellent feature of the best ghost software is accommodating all ghost hunting details in one location. Researching paranormal events accumulates plenty of documents, videos, audio and photographic evidence that can be difficult to manage when they are spread out in a computer.
The right software can develop a good management system to create the ideal record keeping method. Find the ideal software at: Ghost Hunting Software
Using software in conjunction with other equipment can drastically increase the results of your investigation. Interested in downloading some paranormal investigation software? Visit: Paranormal Logging Programs
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