Friday, February 25, 2011

Shadow People

Written By: Kim Garza
Have you ever caught movement of something dark and shadowy out of the corner of your eyes when you were simply reading or maybe watching a movie? You turn to look directly at it, but you see there's nothing there, but as soon as you turn away a while later that same movement happens again. Perhaps, moments later you see it again, but this time you look up quickly and see the fleeting human shape of a shadow that passes quickly over the far wall before it disappears. These sighting have been called by paranormal investigators, shadow people. Many who have studied and experienced the shadow people phenomena claim that these entities used to be seen out of the corner of their eyes, but more people are beginning to see these shadows while looking straight at it. Some people have even testified that they themselves have seen eyes on the shadow people and most of the times the eyes are seen as being red.
In many cases, shadow people tend to flee in the presence of people in physical form once they realize that they've been seen. Shadow people are also known as dark shadows or shadow ghosts, which they're probably the most misunderstood entities seen. Many believe that shadow people are descendents from demonic entities and that they're evil, but people fear the dark, which could be why these beliefs have formed. It seems they are disembodied humans who are lost that weren't able to go forward because they refused to go into the light after the death of their physical body. No one's for sure the reasons on why these beings choose to stay earthbound, but from my perspective I believe the reasons are deeper than many of us will ever fully understand. Most shadow people aren't negative in nature and are looking for guidance because they don't understand their condition. It's also believed that since they fear the light that is why they hide in the dark and are known as shadow people. Shadow people come in different forms to children, women, men and to tall or short.
In a psychological perspective, we are made up of energy and so is our souls or ghosts. The connection to the ghost is strong since we all hold a soul that's made up of energy and a ghost is simply a soul of disembodied person. Mentally humans can only collect so much especially when a tragic event takes place in our lives such as death. Since we're made up of energy, a proportion of the memory is imprinted on the souls of the dead. Perhaps, these shadow people died quickly and tragically that they didn't have time to collect their own death and their minds weren't able to grasp the tragic death that ended their lives, which it has caused them to wonder earth helplessly trying to put the puzzle together of what happened to them. They're scared and confused, which is why this perspective has came across my attention because the intelligent spirits that I deal with don't realize that they're dead and try hard to understand my explanation to them when I inform them that they are indeed dead. It seems to only confuse them since in their eyes, they're alive and maybe to them...I'm dead. I have seen many of them in the corner of my eyes and even when looking directly at them.
I've come to understand that doing sessions of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) at the same location repeatedly gives them a lot of energy and their appearance also becomes stronger to where they will be seen more often. I have an eleven year old boy named Charlie that is attached to me and he is the first intelligent entity that I came in contact when I first started conducting EVP'S. I would speak with him every weekend and sometimes throughout the week, which I realized the stronger he became. Almost every night I would see a shadow of a child run across my room whether it was from the corner of my eye or if I was looking directly at him. He didn't hesitate to show himself to me because we grew a strong bond and he realized that I'd never hurt him. The more I talked to him, the more the activity picked up in general and not just with his shadow. I soon came across with many other intelligent entities that began to show their shadows to me as well and not all of them are dark, a few are even white.
Many paranormal investigators capture amazing footage of the shadow people that prove their existence. It's an extraordinary topic and everyone has their own perspectives on shadow people, but there's definitely a deeper understanding behind shadow people. Although, I don't have all the equipment to capture footage of the shadow people that I have around me, I've seen them far too many times with my own eyes that I know once I do have the equipment it won't be a problem to capture them. For, I've encountered a lot of other intelligent entities and they all started showing themselves to me too. There has many times that I'd see up to four or more shadow people walking around or standing beside me when I conducted EVP'S or even when I wasn't recording, which is how I ended up losing sleep on the beginning of my journey with the paranormal because seeing these shadow people toyed with me for a while psychologically. If you're interested in capturing shadow people or have experienced seeing them with your own eyes, don't fear them because they mean no harm and you may find that they're actually scared of you.......

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  1. I have seen the shadow person known as the hatman I also have a photo with him in it...I believe they are aliens or maybe work for aliens or they're time travelers I really don't know (yet)