Friday, February 25, 2011


by Leslie Valentin
Flying Humanoids has drawn media coverage almost as much as crop circles or U.F.O.’s.  Descriptions of these beings range from a vampire-like description with bat-wings, to looking like the guy down the street; human in appearance.   And from research, the earliest sighting can be noted from Brooklyn, New York in 1877.
Media entertainment has presented many “flying” characters or people over time.  This includes the Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz, to the black and white horror flicks of Dracula “floating” up or down to his unsuspecting victims.  In more recent decades, we’ve been given Sally Fields as the Flying Nun, Christopher Reeve as Superman, as well as the “Greatest American Hero” starring William Katt.  In addition, let us not forget the 1979 horror movie, Salem’s Lot, starring David Soul or the action adventure movies such as X-Men or the hard-pressed and misunderstood superhero, Hancock.  Other areas of “mystical” illusions or enchantments include David Copperfield and Criss Angel of the reality show, Mindfreak.
The Bible also depicts celestial beings or angels with wings appearing to different key figures such as Mary, Joseph, Zechariah and Elizabeth; as well as the shepherds in the fields.  In addition, the account of the ascension of Christ, himself, bears an awe of Heavenly wonders.  With these recordings at hand, it is apparent that there is something that reaches beyond a scientific explanation.
The sighting of these flying humanoids in 1877 was described as an evil looking man with bat-like wings flying over the buildings in Brooklyn, New York, as reported by W.H. Smith to the New York Sun.  Three years later in 1870, a witness told the New York Times that a flying being was flying over Coney Island, New York and headed towards the Jersey Shore.
In 1936, in a region of Kazakhstan, formerly a part of the U.S.S.R., a man like figure flew over Mrs. E.E. Loznaya when she was fifteen years old as she walked along a remote road heading towards school.  She went on to describe this being as wearing overall type clothing that were black in color, and wearing a helmet.  Where there should have been a face, was merely a blank or plain black area.
Over a thousand miles away from New York City, in Houston, Texas in 1953, three people described seeing a man dressed in black clothes with wings land in a tree.  The testament was that this being had an aura or circle of light around him.
In 1956, in Falls City, Nebraska, it was reported that a man with metallic colored wings was flying about fifteen feet above the ground and that there were colored lights under the wings.  The description went on to include that this being had the appearance of an old man with big blue eyes and that the witnesses were so terrified of this sight that they could not move until this entity was no longer able to be seen.
There have been other sightings over the decades in places such as Pelotas, Brazil; the Sikhote Mountains near Vladivostok; in Da Nang, Vietnam by three American Soldiers in 1969, at Camp Okubu, near Kyoto, Japan by a young soldier named Sinclair Taylor, in Longview Washington, as well as in Mexico.  Over 240 reported accounts or sightings can be found regarding these flying creatures worldwide.  And the accounts are witnessed not only by citizens but also by law enforcement and military personnel.  Other descriptions include singing, sounds of flapping wings, horrifying screams and hissing to the sounds of what could be rumblings of an engine or rocket.
So, what exactly are these beings or creatures?  Obviously, as early as 1877, there were no secret military tests being conducted in New York City, much less the technology at that time to create such an event.  Logically, as technology expanded, the chances of such tests became more possible with jet packs or other possible creations for individual air travel.  However, could they be aliens from another galaxy or universe or some celestial being on a Heavenly mission from God or perhaps a more sinister task from Satan himself.  Another thought to ponder would be shape shifters or another type of entity.  And, the majority of these sightings all carry a similar theme of an evil or demonic type appearances or mannerisms on the face.
Perhaps the answers will lie with actually capturing strong evidence with these visualizations.  However, for now, the mysteries of the flying humanoids will stand in the ranks with the Chupacabra, the Loch Ness Monster, the Bigfoot, the Agogwe, the Jersey Devil and the Yowie.  In addition, until answers can be found, the mystical appearances of the figures will continue to hold witnesses in awe and perhaps, also in horror.  In finality, as to whether or not these accounts can be believed is up to the individual who is pondering their existence.

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