Friday, February 25, 2011

Horrific Stories of The Infamous Ouija Board

By DeWayne Strickland

Thanks to Parker Brothers(game company), many young people have dabbled in the paranormal
and have experienced frightening results. Remember being a teenager and the mention of the
Ouija board provoked your curiosity. There is not much talk about the Ouija board today, but
I will never forget the stories of sheer terror, my friends shared with me as a result of using the
infamous Ouija board. Stories I have kept to myself, until now are revealed in this creepy
dark article.
I was watching Unexplained Mysteries late one night and the narrator was talking about the
movie, "The Entity". The Entity(1981 horror movie) is a movie about paranormal phenomenon,
where alleged victim Carla Moran(fictional character) was attacked by a number of unseen forces.
The Unexplained Mysteries show delved into what took place in the home of this woman, who
claimed she was being attacked by mad crazed ghosts. Pictures were shown on the show where
spherical orbs were flying around the room and I noticed something in the pictures, that was not
discussed on the show!
Normally, Unexplained Mysteries does not miss a detail as crucial to a case, as this one! I am very
skeptical about these shows, but yet the pictures had some convincing photography. What caught
my eye and you could barely see the image in the bottom of the picture, was a Ouija board!
You actually see a part of the board in the photograph! How in the world could this slip the eyes
of the staff at Unexplained Mysteries! I've studied photographs of so-called paranormal phenomenon
and the ghostly pictures on the show, were the best I have seen yet.
The paranormal investigators were focused on the spherical orbs darting around the room, as the
woman held the deadly Ouija board on her lap. Fortunately, they did show a picture of the woman
with a deadly Ouija board, that proved she was not just laying around in bed and then being attacked
by angry ghosts. This woman was playing with fire and bringing paranormal investigators in to see
some out of this world ghostly activity.
I think it is hilarious for people to say there is violent paranormal activity in their house and overlook
the fact, they were reaching out to the dead through a Ouija board! Even in the movie "The Exorcist",
a young girl is using a Ouija board and her mother never attributes an entity attacking her daughter,
as a result of playing with the Ouija board. The response to such ghostly attacks is cute little innocent
Regan(Exorcist girl) was sensitive to the spirit realm.
The lady who was photographed with orbs flying around the room was looked at, as paranormally
sensitive to the unseen. What makes my head spin with green pea soup vomiting from my earthly
soul, is no one has brought up the possibilities of the Ouija board opening doors to such violent
ghostly chaos. In the above instances of violent insane paranormal activity, no one ever mentions
or associates the Ouija board as being apart of the horrific equation.
I will never forget my relative Lance sharing with me his experience with a Ouija board. He stated that he
got in touch with a spirit, who was in hell and he use to be an Egyptian king. Another friend said he tried
to get rid of his Ouija board and it kept showing up in his bed room. Late one night, he took the Ouija
board and built a roaring fire in his backyard. He was told the only way to be rid of the board, was to burn
it! He threw the Ouija board into the fire and he said blood-curdling screams came forth from the board, as it was burning. Keep in mind, I was told all of these stories in the mid-1980's when most of my
friends were using Ouija boards.
One girl was having a sleep over with a friend and they pulled out the Ouija board for some cheap thrills. The girls asked where this spirit was, they were conversing with and were stunned by the answer! The spirit told the girls it was in the front yard up in a tree with white hair and bright red eyes. The girls almost had a heart attack and they did not look out the window late at night to verify the spirit's statement. This story was well-known throughout my high school back then and I was friends with one of the girls who lived in the house, but never questioned her about this creepy night with the Ouija board. As far as I know, they never touched the ouija board again!
My friend Bryan told me the scariest Ouija board story of them all! Bryan was addicted to the Ouija board and he tried to stop using it by hiding it in his closet. He said a violent force was speaking to him and telling him to bring the board out of the closet. He said this voice tormented him everyday and would not leave him alone. Being threatened by the board he would not speak any further about the subject. I do not know how he got rid of it or how he is doing mentally today. I have heard nothing but creepy and horrific stories about the Ouija board, which makes me believe there may be some truth to these eerie Ouija board stories.
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