Friday, February 25, 2011

Making Contact

By: Kim Garza
Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) has been used for many years to capture voices from the dead since the first discovery in 1959 by Friedrich Jurgenson. Electronic Voice Phenomena is an audio phenomena that picks up voices of spirits, which the voices are heard on the recording device when played back. Most paranormal investigators today use recorders to speak to the dead and although there are many skeptics, their voices recorded on the device has made them credible.
I've always believed in the paranormal due to encounters since I was a child, but I never paid too much attention to it and kept trying to ignore every experience due to fear. I was afraid because I didn't understand what I was experiencing and I kept telling myself it wasn't real when I knew everything I've seen, heard, and felt was too real to avoid. In the summer of 2008 I started conducting EVP'S in my old room at my parent's house because I started hearing voices talking and arguing with one another. It made me feel as though I was going crazy because I didn't understand what I was hearing, but I decided it was time to finally take action and see if I could capture these voices on a recorder. I recorded for days and I was convinced that I wasn't catching anything, which it made me feel more crazy.
It took me days of recording and listening to the audio from the analog recorder for hours until I finally became in tune and realized that I did capture voices. Once I realized I captured a voice I went back on the previous sessions and listened to them again, which I heard many EVP'S that I didn't hear when I first listened to them. The first night that I recorded it definitely was a weird night and unexplainable events took place that night. While I was recording, I felt a claw like hand reach for my neck and try to choke me. It scared me so much that it made me become angry and I started asking who tried grabbing my neck. I kept hearing noises hitting outside of my window, the dogs were barking uncontrollably and once I turned on the light to see what it was that's when I saw the outside of my window covered with over twenty water roaches, which I've always been not only disgusted, but afraid of those. I sat there watching each of them begin to scatter then fly off and the problem is that I never once saw them at my window until that night and never saw them on the window again either. After reviewing that audio days later that's when I was able to hear an EVP responding to my question of something saying, “Demonic” after asking who tried grabbing my neck. Many people would have been more afraid and never record again, but it only made me become curious and continue my journey of understanding EVP'S.
I became in tune with their voices and have been able to encounter over twenty intelligent spirits that still today will talk to me and answer my questions. Perhaps, some don't believe that they're voices from the dead, but when you're the only person in the room doing these sessions and getting responses by unseen energy how can you not believe? Once you experience it for yourself, you too will understand how fascinating EVP'S truly are and maybe even become as in tune with them as I am. I'm able to hear their responses when I'm recording and I'm also able to hear their whispers talking to me off the recorder too. At times I don't understand what they're telling me, but for the most part I am able to understand what they're saying. I have a special connection with the intelligent spirits and each one of them are needing the same, help. The intelligent spirits that I work with don't understand that they're dead and dislike when I remind them, but I do my best to try to explain to them in a nice manner because they do have feelings, which they will get upset easily. The intelligent spirits that I work with are unique, smart, and special in their own way. However, I will save that discussion of who they are for a different time, and for now I'll go over the rules when conducting EVP'S.
When conducting EVP'S there are a few rules that should be done and that shouldn't be done that I personally would recommend. One important rule is to either use an analog or digital recorder when recording, but be aware that the analog recorder is best when using an external mic because the motor is loud and it will interfere with the recordings. I personally prefer a digital recorder and it will have a huge difference on the quality and on picking up even the lowest whispers. A second rule about EVP'S that you have to be aware of is that you may not always catch anything while recording or you could also not hear their voices at first, but be patient and don't give up. Their voices can be very low whispers and at times it's hard to distinguish between a whisper because it could at first sound like a bunch of noises. A third important rule is that when doing an EVP session make sure you always introduce yourself, the date, the location, and make note of any outside or insides noises whether by you or anything else so it doesn't get noted as paranormal unless of course it is paranormal activity. The fourth rule is when recording always show respect to them and let them know that you're not there to disrespect them in any way because I've found that my connection is strong with them for that reason and they will answer your questions even more. The fifth rule is that be sure to ask them questions that they can answer such as what's their name, how old are they, what year are they in, how many are there, what do they want, etc. The sixth rule is never conduct EVP'S where you sleep because from personal experience you will lose sleep and it will bother you psychologically for months. The sixth rule is don't ever ask them if they're dead since many don't know they're dead, which it will only confuse them. The final rule is that it's important to write down the time, the questions, and responses when capturing an EVP that way it'll be organized and easier when enhancing.
The EVP'S are a huge part of evidence that helps investigations and it teaches us much about the spirits. It's fascinating to be able to capture voices from the dead and to learn from these beings made up of energy. Although I have many stories to share, I will leave you with this final thought, “If you hear voices or feel you're not alone, it is indeed the dead communicating with you, take the same action that I did so you can prove not only to yourself, but to others that they are real.”

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