Thursday, March 3, 2011

That Feeling of Being Watched

Written by Paranormal Crossings

Have you ever been alone in your home and had that eerie feeling that someone is watching your every move?  It can be extremely unnerving especially if you have never experienced such a thing.

This has happened to me!  Back in the 70's I was a young bride with a baby on the way.  This was my first born at the time.  We had just moved into this lovely almost new apartment in southern Florida.  We were the second tenants to occupy this one bedroom one bath apartment.  There was nothing dark about this place on the contrary during the day it was bright and the windows were filled with sunshine.  It had a fairly large living room with an exposed brick wall on one side.  To the left as you entered the apartment it had a dining nook and to the right of the dining nook was a well appointed kitchen.  From the living room there was a little hallway with the one bedroom on the right hand side and the bathroom on the left.  Nothing that would be frightening at all just a very nice apartment.

From the moment we moved in I felt that something was off somehow.  I had never had any feelings like that in my life and I did not know what to make of it.  I felt like someone was watching me all the time.  The feeling was stronger in the kitchen to the point that I thought if I turned around someone would be there breathing down my neck.  But there never was anyone when I got brave enough to look.  I tried to ignore this feeling but it nagged at me constantly.

My husband at that time worked nights as a professional Jai-Alai player.  He would be gone from 4 in the afternoon until well over 1 am.  So, at night I was mostly alone and was starting to get scared of being all by myself in my own home.  It got to the point that I would leave as soon as my husband left for work and would not return until he got home.  Somehow, my husband or my mom or even friends being home with me would make the feeling tolerable. I would either go to my Mom's home or one of the other Jai-Alai players home until my husband returned.  I became that obsessed and would be upset if I had to spend the night there alone.  Could the feelings of being watched be because I was pregnant at the time?  The answer was no, coupled with the feelings of being watched there was also something there.  Something totally unknown to me at the time.

As the days went by the feeling of being watched intensified to the point of it being very uncomfortable for me.   One night as we were sleeping I woke up all of a sudden to see this shadow.  There by where we had assembled the baby crib for our yet unborn baby girl, was standing this shadow figure.  Hard to describe there were no discernible features to it but, I had the feeling it was male.  As soon as I saw it, it went out to the hallway and disappeared into the bathroom wall that connected to the adjacent apartment which would have been my neighbors bedroom.  I was stunned, I had never in my then young years experienced anything like that and nothing had prepared me for it.

Immediately after seeing this apparition I woke up my husband and we turned on all the lights and searched everywhere.  But, there was nothing out of place or anyone but us in the apartment.  All was quiet and normal again.  This same thing happened to me several times and always the same.  From the crib to the bathroom and puff it was gone.  Why was I so lucky to be the only one that would feel the watching and to see the apparition?

Soon after our baby girl was born we moved to our own home.  I didn't want to live in that apartment anymore and was afraid for my daughter.  After we moved all was back to normal for my little family and me.  It felt so good to not have that dreaded feeling and not seeing apparitions anymore.

Could this feeling of being watched and the apparition be attributed to a high EMF (electro magnetic field)?  Could be,  I didn't have the tools or the knowledge at that time.  I often wonder if the EMF could have been it, or if this could be a residual haunt.  Except for the feeling of being watched which hints at being an intelligent haunt.

In conclusion to my experience in that apartment I've analyzed it and not sure yet how to qualify the experience.  Because, of my background in engineering I should be a skeptic but I know what I experienced and without a doubt in my mind the experience was very real to me.

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