Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Strange Occurrences at America's No.1 Theme Park

Walt Disney was the pioneer of the Golden Age of Animation. With that said who will ever forget his brilliance. After all he created Mickey Mouse, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Donald Duck just to name a few. Disney died of lung cancer in Burbank, California, on December 15, 1966. The following year, construction began on Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. So is it safe to say that Walt is haunting what he created? Some believe that answer is yes!

A long-standing urban legend maintains that Disney was cryogenically frozen, and his frozen corpse was stored underneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland. Truth is Disney was cremated on December 17, 1966, and his ashes reside at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.

But What many are saying is the ghost of Walt Disney, appears to be strolling an empty Disneyland theme park. The image is from 4 Disneyland security cameras and if you look carefully, you can see the ghost walk through the gates of the haunted mansion. You’ll also notice that the park is empty and the ghost is moving at a regular walking speed.

Could this be the ghost of Walt Disney? Or perhaps one of the other resident ghost. Here are some of the reported claims.

Orlando - Disney World - Pirates of the Caribbean - The spirit of "George" a worker who died there when a beam fell on him during construction still haunts the attraction. At the beginning of the day and at the end of the day attractions workers must come on the PA system and tell George good morning and good night. If not the attraction has been know to shut itself down adding more work before the workers can go home for the night.

March 2004 Addition/ correction - when the ride was being built in the early 70's (it opened Dec. 15, 1973) , George was a welder who clearly, welded different parts of the scenes on the attraction together. One particular area on the ride, called the "burning city", required George to climb up quite high above the ground. George lost his balance, and fell to his death. If you talk to any of the employees at pirates, they will either know of someone who has had an incident with George, or there is a chance they have had one themselves.

Orlando - Disney World - There is known to be a tan figure walking down the streets in front of the castle.

Orlando - Walt Disney World - EPCOT - Spaceship earth - a small girl with long blonde hair has been seen riding in a car & a boy run in front of her and vanish at the same location (outside during the day).

Orlando - Walt Disney World - Tower of Terror - There has been a story among employees of a ghost walking around the "Tower of Terror" at off hours; he's usually found walking the wrong way, does not respond to calls and then disappears.

"The man in a tuxedo" is another spirit, though no one really knows who he is. One day an employee was working in the area where passengers disembark. There is a mirror there, so the attendant can see when the riders come up behind her. She kept seeing a shadow in the mirror, and when she turned around no one was there. The figure seemed to be wearing a tuxedo. Then, she felt a chill and a hand placed on her shoulder. Of course, she turned to find no one there. The woman ran out of the Haunted Mansion and soon quit her job.

There is a legend concerning a woman who wanted to scatter her young son's ashes inside the Haunted Mansion, but was forbidden by Disney officials. She snuck the ashes inside and covertly scattered them. Apparently, this was NOT her son's last wish and since she did that people have sometimes seen the apparition of a crying boy sitting near the exit.

Though there have been many stories circulated, only one person ever actually died in the Haunted Mansion. Each year Disney world sponsors "Grad Night", which is for high school seniors. Two teenage boys were riding along in a Dune buggy when one of them decided that he wanted to see the room called "Séance Circle" up close.

The young man stepped out on to the black painted walkway that was next to the tracks. What he did not realize was that there was a gap between the walkway and the platform on which the display sat. He stepped off the walkway and plunged fifteen feet to the floor, breaking his neck. "Séance Circle" has been odd since the beginning.

A sound designer was setting up equipment in the area before the attraction was open to the public. He kept hearing music coming from behind one of the new walls. He surmised that a radio had been walled up accidentally. After several days the music had never ended and no radio announcer ever came on. The man could never find the source of the sound, so he arranged for a speaker to go in the area and drown it out.

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