Monday, March 14, 2011

YouTube Psychic Predicted Japan Earthquake Tsunami

Written by Mike Dewitt

Did a YouTube astrologist predict the Japan Tsunami?

On March 8th, a YouTube user by the name of “9Nania” predicted that there would be an “event” (Japan Tsunami Earthquake) between the dates of March 11 and March 23. In her video, the woman describes how last year there was a Chilean earthquake during alignment with a certain comet, and this is what she appeared to make her prediction on. The astrologer has since gained many followers, many of whom have left comments, requesting further advice.
In the YouTube video, the psychic/astrologist says, “I would recommend that if you’re living in a fault zone area; take a vacation before March 11th. That’s what I’m recommending, that’s what I’ve been recommending for three months. Somethings gonna happen, guys.”

And something did indeed happen. In Japan, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake caused a tsunami in Japan, which devoured buildings, cars, boats, and everything in its path. Sendai was the area that was immediately affected; it lies about 250 miles northeast of Tokyo. Police have announced that 200-300 bodies have been found thus far, with many others currently missing and thought to be dead.

An official State of Emergency was declared, and a tsunami warning is currently in effect for North and South America.
Here is the YouTube video of the Japan Earthquake Tsunami prediction:

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