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GAC Response to Haunted Claims at the White House

Written by Jenna Cears

If you are as intrigued by the paranormal as I am, then you surely have at least heard of the Travel Channels T.V series Ghost Adventures! Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin travel the world just the three of them to capture evidence of the paranormal. This is personally my favorite paranormal show of all time; these guys are the real deal! No doubt about it!

Zak has recently put out a petition to sign to send himself, Nick and Aaron to the White House to investigate the recent claims that have surfaced. The link to sign this petition is here Petition to Send The Ghost Adventures Crew to the White House! Zak’s dedication, enthusiasm, and trust in his fans to help make this happen have inspired me to write this article showcasing the qualities the Ghost Adventures Crew have that makes them the best team fit for the job. Also about the claims that has risen about the paranormal activity inside the White House. The White House is known through out the world as the powerhouse of America, may have some things lurking in its historic corridors.

The White House has a reputation for being one of the most ghostly homes in America. President Harry Truman said the place was "sure as shooting” haunted. Kennedy’s Press Secretary James Haggerty admitted to sensing the presence of Lincoln’s spirit in the White House. This isn’t the only claim the White House as seen! President Clinton’s Press Secretary Mike McCurry admitted he was a believer:

"There are, from time to time, reports that the White House is haunted by   mysterious appearances of figures from history, and I believe them. There have been serious people who have serious tales to tell about these encounters, and there are many people who seriously believe that there is a haunting quality to the White House."

                       Also Hillary Clinton said, "There is something about the house at night that you just feel like you are summoning up the spirits of all the people who have lived there and worked there and walked through the halls there." Then on the Rosie O'Donnell Show, the previous first lady stated, "It's neat. It can be a little creepy. You know, they think there's a ghost there. It is a big old house, and when the lights are out it is dark and quiet and any movement at all catches your attention."

There have been also a lot of talk about the many séances in the White House, but the majority of them occurred in the period of the administration of Abraham Lincoln! While living in the White House, Lincoln and his wife held several séances in the Green Room in an effort to contact the wondering spirit of their son, Willie, who sadly died there. It is said that one medium who visited the White House regularly gave President Lincoln advice from vast leaders of history. At one of those séances, the spirit of Daniel Webster pleaded with Lincoln to pursue with his efforts to free the slaves.

 Medium J.B. Conklin conveyed a message to Lincoln from his close companion, Edward Baker, who had been killed at the battle of Ball's Bluff. The obscure message said: "Gone elsewhere. Elsewhere is everywhere." During 1863, a supposed medium Charles Shockle visited the White House and performed levitation. At levitation, Lincoln allegedly told a Maine congressman to sit on top of a piano that was hovering in mid-air! Following the assassination of her husband, Mary Todd Lincoln desired contact with his spirit through mediums and séances, and felt that she had succeeded. Members of household of Ulysses S. Grant's are said to have conversed with the spirit of young Willie Lincoln during a séance in his past second floor bedroom.

Longtime White House Chief Usher Gary Walters described his bump into ghosts in the White House. “Several staff members have had eerie experiences. Once, three police officers and I were standing at the state floor of the White House. We all felt a cool rush of air pass between us, and then two doors that stand open closed by themselves. I have never seen these doors move before without somebody specifically closing them by hand. It was quite remarkable."

Ghosts seen in the front of the White House are a long-dead White House usher still frequently turning off lights and a past White House doorman who acts like he is still on the job. The more popular ghost is that of the spirit of a British soldier from the War of 1812 walks the grounds in front of the White House in the darkness. He is said to be a remainder of the 1814 endeavor by the British to burn the White House. The looming apparition is constantly seen with a scorching torch in his hand.

A very well known place in the White House is the infamous Rose Garden. In the Rose Garden the spirit of Dorothea Madison, the spouse ofPresident James Madison shows herself in the Rose Garden most habitually during the administration of Woodrow Wilson. “Dolley” had planted the beautiful Rose Garden a hundred years before. First Lady Ellen Wilson gave orders to have it dug up. Frightened workmen reported “Dolley's” ghost appeared on the plot and kept them from doing their job. After that, no one dared harm the famous White House Rose Garden, and “Dolley's” original rose garden continues to bloom and bring a extra special beauty to the White House to this very day.
There are many more claims regarding the White House! If you are interested start researching! You never know what you might find!

Now it’s time to talk about the three best guys known to investigate the White House. Zak, Nick and Aaron from Ghost Adventures! These guys are legit and deserve the right to investigate possibly one of America’s most haunted places of all time!

             Zak Bagans is the lead paranormal investigator and host of the series, Ghost Adventures. Formerly working as a wedding DJ, Zak is also the executive producer and editor of the very popular show. Zak is the founder of the Ghost Adventures Crew (GAC), a global community of paranormal investigators. As of September 2010, GAC's members were over 730 paranormal organizations. Zak is currently in Las Vegas, Nevada and as far as we can tell he loves it there! Zak was former skeptic but he says that his passion for investigating the paranormal came from a face-to-face encounter with the spirit of a suicidal woman who resided in his old apartment building in Trenton, Michigan in 2002.  After, this life-changing experience caused him to actively pursue capturing video evidence of the afterlife. In the introduction of each episode, Zak states:
             My name is Zak Bagans. I never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video. With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Nick Groff and our equipment tech Aaron Goodwin. The three of us will travel to some of the most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn. Raw; extreme; these are our Ghost Adventures.

Using a self-described religious, scientific, and emotional approach, Zak is known for his aggressive and confrontational methods to approach spirits in his investigations. He also respects the afterlife and only provokes evil entities in order to elicit responses. In a June 2009 interview with the Paranormal Underground magazine, Zak said, "I don't want the public perceiving us as the taunting, provocative ghost hunters. We do that only to the bad spirits who we know are attacking the living." This makes him a fantastic investigator, and an overall wonderful person.

Nick Groff is the co-investigator and cameraman on Ghost Adventures. He is also an executive producer and editor of the show. Nick is also the co-founder of the GAC. Nick's fascination and interest of the paranormal world began in his childhood. In which he had experienced a paranormal occurrence that he could not explain. When he was just eight years old, he saw a figure on an old cul-de-sac on Lancaster Road in Salem, New Hampshire. After graduating high school, Nick studied film at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After college, Nick became a paranormal investigator. Nick met and befriended Zak at his wedding. It was a moment that changed their lives, the two teamed up with the same interests to investigate the paranormal.

Aaron Goodwin is an equipment technician, camera operator, and a co-investigator on the series. He is also a very big goofball and brings about humor on camera. In need of a cameraman for their series, Nick and Zak first met and hired Aaron to assist them with most important filming and B-roll taping.
Before joining Zak and Nick, Aaron had worked as a cameraman for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Before what he experienced in Virginia City, Nevada, he "never really thought twice about ghosts." Aaron looks continuously terrified on the show and currently regards himself as "a 100 percent – no, a 1,000 percent – believer." Very often Aaron is left alone in the "hotspots" in the locations the crew is investigating. Aaron has been portrayed as "bait" to invite supposed ghostly spirits, and it usually works!

The Ghost Adventures Crew, Zak, Nick and Aaron are perfectly fit to investigate the White House. They respect the history that America is built on and shows that in their investigations. They take in a deep respect for the land and places that they investigate and take their job very seriously. Having a great amount of empathy for those souls who still lurk the places they investigate, and intimidate those evil spirits that harm the living, they are definitely the right guys for this job! Zak, Nick and Aaron are proud Americans and love this country! They deserve the right to investigate the mysterious and bone chilling claims at the White House! We all wish you good luck guys and we hope you get this amazing opportunity, we believe in the Ghost Adventures Crew!

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