Monday, March 7, 2011

Gnome-like Creature Terrorizes Town

A video was emailed to us showing what appears to be a life size gnome terrorizing small rural towns in Argentina. Towns folks are scared and city streets become empty by dusk. Reports state that this creature surfaces only at night and will attack anything in its path. The creature was first discovered by a small group of teenagers that spotted something moving in the shadows. The group quickly ran for cover after several stones was thrown at them by the beast. Since that time, dozens of reports have surfaced with startling claims from the victims that the creature attacks at will and has the strength to break bones. Many attempts have been made by local hunters to trap or even kill the beast. Unfortunately all has failed and the creature is still on the loose. A local townsman caught the beast on his cell phone but the resolution is predictable low and no one ever makes out any distinct characteristics. After carefully evaluating the footage we have no idea what this thing could be! It stands on two legs and appears to be humanoid with arms in the appropriate spots and has that freakin’ pointy hat! Do gnomes exist? Apparently they do!

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