Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chip Coffey Psychic Or Bully?

Written by Leslie Valentin

We live in a world where the general public is caught up by Paparazzi moments due to celebrities dating or breaking up, acting bizarre and fighting addictions amongst other issues. We also live in a time where the facts are not the key points but rather speculation, rumors and innuendos are. The world of reporting on people who are "in the spotlight" has purportedly assassinated the character of many, caused heartbreak for others, and yet for some, a major boost in ratings and popularity. The paranormal world of television or its “stars” are not immune from this.

This nation and probably much of the free viewing world has viewed recent behaviors by actor, Charlie Sheen.  His grandiose scheme of raging has not only lost him credibility, but also his contract with a television network as well as his job.

What is appalling is when persons such as Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson are held accountable for their words and actions while others who throw hissy fits and tantrums are not.

For some time now on the paranormal side of media entertainment industry on Facebook as well as on Twitter, spews can be read about various people by one renowned individual, Psychic Chip Coffey.  Mind you, Mr. Coffey has no issues speaking out against Charlie Sheen and his actions and behaviors, nor does he seem to hold his tongue about much.  Granted, Mr. Coffey is an animal activist in Georgia and has done wonders to help Shelter animals find new homes, and he also wrote a piece on September 22, 2010 on Facebook about Bullying.

The first line in his Facebook blog reads:
“Throughout my life - from the time I was a child - I've been bullied. Called nasty names and been made fun of. Even physically attacked! Sometimes, it hurt and sometimes it made me mad as hell.”
The entire blog can be read on Facebook, and the web address in listed under sources.  With a statement like that, it is hard to imagine that Mr. Coffey would in any way lash out online or otherwise.  Mr. Coffey goes on to state in this blog:

“I try to ignore those who make nasty comments about me. I refuse to defend or debate because I realize that, in most instances, I am wasting my time by doing so. Those who choose to bash others generally love it when the individual they are bashing gets into a pissing contest with them. And it fuels the fire, oftentimes creating a huge S#!TSTORM!”

So, with this said, why is it when one views Mr. Coffey’s Facebook and Twitter are there statements that are just the opposite.  And, why is it that some people are outright named while others are left nameless?
Mr. Coffey stated in a March 9, 2011 on Twitter to another person:
 “I understand your point & know he loves the attention, but if one doesn’t confront bullies, they will keep bullying!”
…and on March 7, 2011, Mr. Coffey twitted to another person:
“I don’t handle rudeness / discourtesy / disrespect / bullying well. ”  There is an old saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen.”  Mr. Coffey has no issues handing out criticism but he doesn’t take kindly to another criticizing him or pointing out his character defects.  And with some reading between the Facebook and Twitter communities, one can find some of the lashings that Mr. Coffey issues.
Being in the entertainment business, yep folks, I said it….”entertainment”, you are in the spot light. And, in Mr. Coffey’s own words from another twit he made about a comment he received on Facebook on March 10, 2011:
“Brilliant comment sent to me on Facebook: Honey, the moment you go onto the internet, you open the door to every mentally ill person with a computer and a modem!”
Mr. Coffey twitted also another time that stated:

“I embrace free speech and the 1st Amendment but will say again. Just because you can does not mean you should.”
On September 7, 2009, Mr. Coffey wrote a blog on Facebook where he talks about limiting the freedom of speech.  As a reminder, our freedom of speech is the 1st Amendment.  Mr. Coffey goes on to say:
“Anyone with access to a computer can spout vitriol against others with little (or no) fear of reprimand or recourse. Many Internet bloggers and those who post on message boards to assail others use clever pseudonyms rather than their real names. This is no different than hooded or masked assailants in the "real world" who hide their identity and "cover their faces" in order to maliciously attack others. Thugs are thugs!”
The saying about what you put on the internet is not private is true.  It is a public forum.  With that said, one must remember that minding your manners literally is of essence if you are going to post, blog or share anything else on the electronic wave of communication. And, for those who feel the need to get on the internet and direct hateful and hurtful things to others must remember that while they might be protected by freedom of speech in the United States of America; rebuttals are also a freedom of speech so long as it is not lies.  If the latter is true, then libel and slander step in.

Mr. Coffey has shown behavior not only on the internet, but on the television as well.  Some could call it a passionate outburst; others could call it by a few different names.  The reaction or terming of these must be interpreted solely by the viewer.   It seems though, that with the credentials that Mr. Coffey boasts on his website - an “advanced degree in Counseling Psychology”, that Mr. Coffey would utilize the skills he has learned while in school about reacting or how to deal with others in general.  Questions generate however as to whether the “advanced degree” is a Bachelor’s Degree, a Master’s Degree, or a Doctorate.  It would be plausible that if Mr. Coffey possessed such a degree that he would list the actual degree and not refer to it as “advanced”.

It is deplorable however, that people who publically call for the assistance, aid and other means of help to so many can turn around and dump or stomp on others all within the same relative breath. What is even more troublesome is that the media industry and networks do not seem to have any issue with behavior in general unless it is directed at them literally, such as the case with Charlie Sheen.
Acting seems to come to Mr. Coffey naturally however. On his website under the “About Chip” page, it states:
“His psychic abilities manifested themselves when he was a young child and after successful careers in traditional counseling, the entertainment industry and travel management, he began working full-time as a psychic and medium in 2001.”

The public has been the focal point of Mr. Coffey’s aim when he chose to air his disapproval of different forums who wrote about him.  Websites such as and have written articles about Mr. Coffey and some of the shows on A&E.  Mr. Coffey has bellied down to even name calling on Twitter towards and their continued articles about him. is another internet forum who speaks lowly about Mr. Coffey’s treatment of individuals, including Beatrice Marot – Medium to the Stars.

So, after scoping on some of the odd or unacceptable behaviors, one cannot help but wonder why Mr. Coffey is not held accountable for what could be called childish behavior on public forums such as Twitter and Facebook.

The moral of this story is, regardless of who says what, mind your manners per say. It is a moot point as to whether the words come from a celebrity or an average person walking down the street. Don't dish out hateful things if you don't want it coming back at you from someone else. Eventually, all the money in the world and the most impressive attorneys will not stop the judge from saying your lawsuit is dismissed because you got a taste of your own medicine! A forked tongue is not one to be trusted and eventually those who are two-faced are seen for what they are; or as another saying goes - Karma will come back to bite you in the butt!
Just saying....

Facebook Post re: Bullying -!/note.php?note_id=445767812365
Chip Coffey’s Twitter:!/chipcoffey
Facebook Post re: Internet Attack -!/note.php?note_id=132740027365
Chip Coffey’s Website: re: Chip Coffey -


  1. Thank you for calling a spade, a spade. Unfortunately fame has been mistaken for power all too often. In Catholic School the Golden Rule was drilled into me "Treat others as you wish to be treated", I didn't take a lot out of my younger years in school but this phrase i have learned to live by.

  2. Um excuse me. Have you actually seen some of the horrible nasty comments thrown at Chip on his FB page? Well I HAVE. They are disgusting and IMO he handles it pretty well considering the low class of some people. Gross sexual comments, threats etc..opening HATE pages on him, when Chip starts doing those things THEN you have the right too call him out. And who knows what I haven't seen because he deletes them asap. So, give the guy a break. And think how would YOU handle it?

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  5. We did not remove anything. Feel free to say what you want on the subject!

  6. Yes, something strange is going on. I post my original comment. It posts then I refresh the page and then it's gone . . . could it be because I included a link??

    Google just asked me to verify my account due to detecting "strange activity." OMG My computer is possessed by the demon Chip Coffey . . . aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! lol

  7. My name is Beatrice Marot. What is funny about you calling me Beatrice Merlot is that besides enjoying a glass of the fine wine on occasion, I was a victim of Chip Coffey's bullying when I became the number one psychic in Voices From Beyond on

    One of the many hateful things Chip Coffey did to me was to recruit his friends to bully and harass me on his behalf. For example, the woman listed beneath me on was a friend of Chip Coffey named "Dawn Sandum" and she changed her name to "Beatrick Merlot" just to bully me.

    Here is a link to a synopsis of what Chip did to me and even worse what he put a young mother through on Facebook when once again he rallied his friends to go after her for "bashing" him which led to her receiving over 70 death threats. And he writes a blog against bullying when he is THE BIGGEST BULLY I have ever dealt with in my entire life.

    You wrote an excellent article. It reflects you spent considerable time forming your opinion.

    Chip is not all bad . . . and I do acknowledge his work with animals. The sad thing for me is . . . I really liked Chip and I thought we would be friends for life and his betrayal cut me like a knife . . . and I never saw it coming.

  8. I see you found my original post. Thank you for putting it up.

    I hope it wasn't haunting your computer . . . ;)

    Have an awesome day. Keep up the good work.

  9. Uh Oh . . . I'm sure your're aware that Chip googles himself constantly. ;)

    Same day you posted your blog . . . he posted this on facebook.

    Chip Coffey - Psychic and Medium
    Please do NOT post links to web sites or web pages that are posting derogatory, defamatory and libelous blogs or comments about me. My attorneys are well aware of these web sites and are monitoring them carefully. I appreciate the concern of each and every one of my loyal fans and supporters.

  10. Fortunately for you, his attorney lives in hell! lol

  11. I find it amazing that you can right an article and you use no examples in said article about how exactly he is bullying. Also, writing an article about how he doesn't bully but is bullying is also, wait for it... a passive agressive form of bullying. I also have seen the hateful things written about Mr. Coffey and have thought he handled hisself amazingly well. Better than I would. Also, when people see someone they like and relate to being attack they tend to react. Do you have proof he had his friends attack someone?? Where is this proof?? How do you know these people are not just fans that are defending someone they like. This article is poorly written and proves nothing. You want us to know " the real Chip Coffey" I suggest some facts behind what your talking about. Until you do this this is just another person putting there person word vomit out and trying to make it seem like fact, when clearly this is very personal.

  12. Ask and you shall receive. Just go to and put in my name and you will find Chip Coffey and his friends Tanila Price and Tammy Alenduff posted the same lies on many sites calling me a con artist, a racist, a homophobe. They bullied me for months and months and caused me so much pain you have no idea.

    2/24/2010 12:37 PM
    Beatrice Marot California Psychic Con artist, cold reader and fraud Internet, Internet *REBUTTAL Individual responds...The truth about me Author: Bethpage New York Unusual Rip-Off : Beatrice Marot California Psychic Internet
    1/9/2010 8:39 AM

    Beatrice Marot Profane, Racist, Internet *REBUTTAL Individual responds...Get a life Tammy Author: Alpharetta Georgia psychic fortune tellers : Beatrice Marot Internet
    1/29/2009 10:42 AM

    Beatrice Marot DON'T GET A READING FROM THIS PERSON Internet ...The power of love is healing . . . Author: Adams Tennessee psychic fortune tellers : Beatrice Marot Nationwide
    1/28/2009 4:07 PM
    CALIFORNIA PSYCHIC BEATRICE MAROT BEWARE OF CALIFORNIA PSYCHIC BEATRICE MAROT!!! SHE IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL Internet ...The power of love is healing . . . Author: Alpharetta Georgia psychic fortune tellers : CALIFORNIA PSYCHIC BEATRICE MAROT Internet
    1/28/2009 10:22 AM
    BEATRICE MAROT - RACIST, HOMOPHOBE, DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER Racist - Homophobe - Defamation of Character Los Angeles Area, Burbank California ...The power of love is healing . . . Author: lilburn Georgia Psychic : BEATRICE MAROT California

  13. There is a lot more bullying going on here than what you think:

  14. my love and I are totally amazed by chip coffey his spirit is amazing, his talents undeniable, he is the best so shut your gossiping traps

  15. This entire article, comments and all are obviously written by Beatrice Marot, the cyber stalker. lmao. What a joke.

  16. Kimberly Glasnapp . . . this blog belongs to Kirby Robinson I believe. Kimberly, you are trying to pass off what you do with all your sock puppets and fake profiles and fake posts and made up events that never happened that you are writing all over the net and make people think that I do that.

    Sorry but it is not going to work. You keep trying to turn the table and make me look bad and all that happens is you look completely ridiculous. And you are.

  17. Actually Eye on The Paranormal is Kirby's blog. But since this thread is about bullying . . .

    Kimberly Glasnapp is a cyber bully beyond compare and she is stalking me all over the net since October 16th, 2011. She has cataloged all the bullying I went through with Chip Coffey and Company. She did me a favor. I could never have done such a meticulous job. I can use this to give to the police. Thanks Kimberly.

    Don't ever foster a dog from this woman . . . that is all I did and the resulting hatred spewing from this psycho is just unreal.


  19. I had to take down the above thread and deactivate my profile on Complaints Board because Kimberly and her dozens of fake posters would highjack the thread and spew the nastiest pornographic exchanges. So what does she do when she cannot find my profile? She creates a profile with my name just like her new buddy Chip Coffey did when he stole my name and redirected to his website. Chip Coffey called this woman to give her"kind words and support" according to her daughter Cassandra's facebook page.

    Just scroll down to the end of this thread if you want to see crazy and I mean truly truly truly a sociopath in living color.

  20. I was telling someone yesterday, “You know what sucks about my life? When the Universe wants to teach me something. I don’t get to take a class in a room with a textbook and a teacher called Sociopathy 101 . . . Oh noooooooo, I get to deal with four live Sociopaths in my face for three years. Now, I am an expert on their behavior AND THEY ALL DO THE SAME THING. They lie without blinking an eye like they’re telling the truth. And I have come to a sad conclusion. The whole world is run by Sociopaths.

    I had to post the following on Chip’s Facebook page today.

    Chip, Can you please tell your new friend Kimberly Glasnapp to leave me alone. I am not surprised that you would call her and give her support and I was meant to find out about it. The woman is deranged. I had to file a police report and I had to tell the police all about what you did to me and Tanila Price and Tammy Alenduff because Kimberly chronicled all the bullying I endured from you and your friends . . . and still do three years later. Tanila shows up on a thread spewing the same old “I called Dick Clark and he put a restraining order on Beatrice and so did Robert De Niro and Billy Zane and Sean Penn.” That woman is such a complete nutcase.

    The fact that you called Kimberly and gave her “kind words and support” according to her daughter Cassandra’s Facebook page says to me that essentially you condone her unreal demonic psychotic bullying. It just proves once again what a hypocrite you are Chip Coffey. Are you not the guy promoting anti-bullying videos online? But as long as you’re bullying Beatrice Marot . . . it’s OK. Chip, Kimberly Glasnapp created a sex ad on Craigslist ON CHRISTMAS EVE and gave the men emailing her my phone number. Remember what you did to me on Christmas Eve in 2008? You created a post on accusing me of saying I was going to out you as a pedophile when I never ever did any such thing nor would ever do any such thing in a million years to anybody ever. I DON’T LIE CHIP COFFEY.

    Can you please tell her to take down those six different insane posts on her page. One has your picture on it and she tagged you so don’t bother to deny it.

  21. Mr Anti Bullying Hypocrite . . .

    Cassandra Glasnapp is Kimberly's daughter and I don't think she knows what her mother is doing. Kim has lied to her and everyone else. This is typical of a sociopath ... they often make the victim look like the culprit. Chip Coffey does the exact same thing.

    From: bea
    Sent: Wednesday, January 04, 2012 8:25 PM
    To: chipcoffey
    Subject: Lending a little support are you now

    • Cassandra Glasnapp
    A few days ago a certain CELEBRITY called us about our stalker with some kind words and support. A certain PHYSIC celebrity. Too awesome. I don't know why people cause problems when its only a problem for THEM in the end. ♥

  22. Well, I hope you are happy with the outcome of your blog post. If you believe he is a bully, contact his lawyers. As I read these comments I am in disbelief. If you are all adults, please act as such. There is no reason to bully each other. It gets no one anywhere. Can't we all just be friends?



    karmacomes10fold says:
    May 8, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    My name is Karma, nice to meet you. I’ve read your blogs and posts, and although It’s a lot to read I couldn’t stop reading, and honey what’s she’s done to you and all those other people is just shameful! What kind of person does that, and I read all her crap, she’s obviously insane and has posted SO MANY things online, on consumer websites and Facebook about you it’s obvious she’s desperate to ruin your reputation. Everything negative I see about you was written by her, but when I look up her name, I see many things about her too, but it seems she has many many victims and that you’re telling the truth, that she really has been doing the exact same thing to too many different people to have any credibility at all. I’d be insulted to know she actually expects us to read that shit and believe her. And I love how she admins her own fan page, lmao! Claims it’s all about LOVE just like she is, ha ha ha, but she couldn’t help it, and her true colors came out, and she turned it into what she’s really about, hate. It’s a hate page dedicated to smearing the names of the countless people whom she’s had any past issues with. She really does seem to think that if she undermines the credibility of the person she’s directing her hate at at that moment, that it will somehow make the deeds she did look justifiable. Beatrice Marot you should be locked away in a mental institution where you can’t hurt anyone else anymore except for yourself. Because you trying to ruin this sweet terminally ill lady’s dream of helping a few animals survive this cruel world before she dies, is about he lowest thing you’ve done in your whole long, miserable life. I beg you, as a human being, to please stop your efforts to ruin Kimberly and her daughters names. I think you know they didn’t do anything to deserve what I see you’ve done to them. and if they next time I Google or Bing her name and I don’t see you removing those attacks on this decent and good person and her daughter then I’m going to write your life story, leaving nothing out, and E-blast it from coast to coast in every public forum I can find, and that is a promise.

    1. You don't need any help making you look bad Beastie. Hey, here's an idea, Google both our names and see what pops up. I'm sure the people who read this have brains enough to see what's what. The thing Beatrice is doing, trying to turn the tables and accuse me of being the one who's bullying her, when she's the one with a 20 year history of cyber bullying and cyber stalking.

      And what sucks about your life Beatrice is that you're always in it. No matter how hard you try, this shit keeps happening to you because you're creating it. Life is what you make it. So if you don't like your life change it. Stop repeating the same behavior and complaining because you keep getting the same results. I hope sometime before you self destruct, that you're able to get some help. I truly do. Even your friends have left you Beatrice, you can't keep a job, and you're miserable and you try to make yourself appear to be better than you are by accusing everyone around you of victimizing you. Stop crying and get a life Beatrice. No one is listening to you. It's just pathetic. For Pete's sake you're nearly 60 years old and repeating the same mistakes over and over and over. It must be all those drugs Beastie. Put the bong down and stop searching finding and posting pretty pics that you THINK make you appear to be something you're clearly not, and get a life. I actually IS a beautiful world out there, but you're too buzy throwing mud to appreciate it. YOU ARE THE BULLY and I have proof, you have been asked everywhere you bully me to show proof but you always skirt around it and have even been shown in a screen shot ADMITTING YOU LIED ABOUT ME and threatening to ruin a supporter of mine "like I did Kimberly" if she didn't stop trying to help me find homes for my rescue dogs. You are the deprived person, not I. As usual if anyone wants the truth you can bet it will be the opposite of what Beatrice says. She is also the polar opposite of what she says she is. And do you know why I never posted another comment after you kept running me down and bullying me, it's because you're the bully, and everyone can see who the aggressor is, that's why you are the one the police had to tell to stop messaging me, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Hey Beastie, you are a complete idiot but I thank you for so bad at hiding it.

    Kimberly Glasnapp says:
    May 13, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    Kar and friends, thank you but I want to clear the air – as much as I appreciate your support, and I do deeply appreciate all the support I see from friends speaking out and coming to our defense, but the last thing I want to do is rile up this crazy lady in anyway, even it is just an effort to get her to leave me alone this is what she wants, how she has her fun and I know her well enough to know it may have the opposite effect and instead of her leaving me alone it might just serve to further inflame her madness while giving her a new person to harass – YOU – because that’s what she does, if anyone speaks out against her supporting me in any way she goes after that person,in some way, and you can bet she’ll write something nasty about you for it. I’ve tried to show her pattern of behavior which serves two purposes, 1 to WARN OTHERS what she does and 2 TAKE THE POWER OF HER WORDS AWAY by showing everyone she’s a stalker with proof, photos and screen shots of notes, posts and messages of her stalking and harassing people. I stopped caring what she’s doing when I saw how no one listens to her or believes her or takes her serious anyway so it’s silly and unjustified to continue to lend her childishness any further credibility by acting threatened by her.

    If you were walking into a restaurant and a homely, overweight woman called you fat and ugly and told you to go on a diet would you get very upset or would you consider the source of the insults and just keep walking?

    To me it’s equivalent to that, and I kept walking and continue to walk with my head held high! I’m not about to let some FAT, ugly old woman hurling meaningless insults at me get me down because I know what I am and everyone see’s very clearly what she is so why do I care?

    I hope all the mommas have a wonderful Mothers day today.

  25. So, now the person in the first post Karmatenfold will start writing more crap about me and Kimberly will say ... "It wasn't me . . . it was Karma!"

    She does this all the time ...

  26. Wow - I say take it to court, period. I mean for the record, all this bashing needs a mediator to clarify the facts and seperate them from hurt feelings and opinions. I sure wouldnt stand for it, I dont care if it's Chip, or the Queen of England.

    Anyone that is in the public eye either makes a good name for themselves, or makes themselves out to be a total ass. It appears in this case a total ass is more reasonable than anything. Despite the underlying issues - and despite Chip Coffey's abilities, the whole situation should have been dealt with in a clandestine way. If Coffey was bashing someone for their opinion and especially publically, despite the reason - its libelous. There is almost enough "spokesperson" power just within these blogs to support that being the case. Moreso , on his private/public pages.

    Stop arguing and do something about it

  27. Something has been done about it. Chip Coffey wants to talk smack about others but won't allow others to voice their opinions without sending a bunch of idiots to defend him. His followers tried to bully me, it did not work, and it will not work. Chip is irresponsible on many levels. His behavior indicates his need for mental help IMO. Since he can not answer to valid concerns people have about his actions and he continues to belittle anyone who is critical of him he gets this People are sick of him and his antics if he is too damn stupid to understand why then that's his problem. Anyone who doesn't like the rebuttal I would suggest you not visit the site regularly because it's not going away. I would hate to think of people who believe in psychics sticking their noses into the lives of children and others just to become popular facing reality. That would be horrible.

  28. Inspired by Reap who is the coolest skeptic ever. Reap let me share my cyber bullying nightmare with Chip Coffey on his show. I was inspired to put together this blog all about Psychic Kid Chip Coffey's Granny Bully Crew . . . I call em O.G. Original Gransters . . .

  29. Chip Coffey, could you please tell your friends Tanila Price and Tammy Alenduff and Barbara Evans to stop stalking and cyberbullying me. Tanila just posted my phone number and address on your thread on complaints board and I just got a death threat and three hang up calls. This is all your fault and I am not putting up with these insane women anymore. If people only knew just how mean and dark you really are. I have put up with these women for the last four years of non stop harassment and you need to stop them. I don't want to hurt you Chip. You need to stop these women period. This blog is my last resort to get these women to stop bullying me and they do all it for you Chip.