Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Angel on the Water

About the Photograph

This incredible photograph was captured using a 35 mm disposable underwater camera, (Fuji 27 exp.)

We are Ron and Linda Martinez, husband and wife of 23 years.

We discovered this amazing image when we returned home from a vacation in Cancun, Mexico. You can view the entire roll of film here on our website.

We have the negative as proof of its authenticity.

The prints, direct from the negatives, are spectacular and are full of details.

This image is getting global attention because it has yet to be debunked.

It has been reviewed by many professionals in their respective fields of study, i.e. professional photographers, graphics experts, imaging specialists, skeptics, priests, physics, paranormal societies, myth busters, and, yes, even "Photoshop Experts."

This is simply a genuine photograph. It is another wonderful masterpiece created by "the Hand of God."

It may be an Angel, a Spirit, a Ghost or, simply, an "Apparition."

It may be a freak exposure, a ray of light passing through a drop of water on the lens, a seed caught in the wind and floating in front of the camera.

We named it "Angel on the Water" because that is what Linda and I both saw the first time we looked at it.

The true beauty of this photograph is that each of you get to believe what you feel it is. There are no authorities out there who can tell you what it is.
Peace to all,

Ron and Linda Martinez

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  1. No matter what it is, it's very beautiful and spiritual!