Sunday, April 17, 2011

What Is a Soul Mate?

Written By Gary Wonning

There are many questions and misconceptions concerning the term "soul mate". Many think we have only one when in fact we have many. Everyone we interact with on a daily basis is a soul mate of one kind or another. What many refer to as a soul mate is actually a twin flame or twin soul, that is entirely a horse of a different color which I will explain in separate articles.

Soul mates are souls we have had life experiences, most likely many times, not only on planet earth, but many other realms of existence as well. Soul mates come together to perform some service or mission, not only to themselves, but to mankind as well. These missions are not always of grandiose design, they can be as ordinary as raising a family and providing a home for loved ones. It could be a business partnership, it could be any project where a need is met, often times soul mates come in and out of our lives and we share our life with many different soul mates during our time on earth as well as other realms of existence.

We have many soul mates and only one twin flame or twin soul. However, you need to treat all you meet with dignity and respect, everything you do affects your twin flame. You will not be re-united with your twin flame until you are ready and have evolved to a state of readiness, this will not happen until both have reached a level of acceptance for everyone and their actions. It doesn't mean you have to believe and condone all the actions of others, it just means you need to realize that everyone has karma and we need to accept they are following their own path, whether or not we choose to participate in their life is our choice.

Soul mates must meet the alpha and omega criteria or a mission will not be completed, The Alpha is the male and the omega is the female energy force. All endeavors on earth whether it be personal, political, business or anything else have an alpha and omega. In politics, the liberals are omega and the conservative are alpha. That is why the liberals are all about social issues and believe in a more socialist form of government and the conservatives are all about personal freedom, free markets, balancing budgets and believing everyone should carry their own weight,financially, if possible.

Thus we all have many soul mates with whom we inter react with many times and in many different relationships to not only resolve karma, but to grow and learn as well.

My spiritual journey began many years ago, after experiencing some life changing events, which created in me the desire to search for life's meaning. I have traversed the globe in search of truth, my truth, during which time I have had an opportunity to study with Aborigine elders, native American Indians, and some of the world's finest intuitives. All of this has lead me to better understand our world and all things therein contained.

I have created two blogs to share some of my adventures and knowledge as I see it. Please fell free to comment.

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